Double birthday celebration @ 1 Market by Chef Wan

6 March 2016

Today we celebrated Baba’s and Cik Ya’s birthday. They are March babies!

When I was younger, I remember all my aunties consistently celebrating my birthday with me every year. I would receive lots of presents and my birthday cake would usually look so enticingly delicious and colourful (This was how I became an overweight foodie lol) The truth was, I was the first niece for all of them, thus the excitement. It is pretty good to be the eldest at times.

Now, decades later, I think it is only fair that we celebrate their birthdays. After some discussion, we decided to go to 1 Market by Chef Wan at Plaza Singapura.

This was Cik Ya and family’s first time there. I have been here for a couple of times and the food was good. There is a wide variety of food choices and you can take your time to eat, chit chat and chill. I mean, it is a buffet, we need to take our time to select the food we want to try.

I was starving the entire morning and I must add that it is not advisable to be starving before going to a buffet. We tend to take more food greedily and place them onto our plates when we are hungry.

This was what happened to me.


I took more food so that those on the same table as me could share. I was distracted by the presence of nachos and cheese. This was one temptation I could not resist.


There were so many buns to choose from! I was tempted to take all but managed to restrain myself and only took 3 different types. This was the coffee bun with chocolate inside. It was so delicious, perfect for tea time!


The ones sitting in front of me. Yes, I can eat and take photos like a stalker at the same time.


While I felt that the taste of food was merely average as they are almost our everyday food for us malays, I was beyond impressed with the choices of dessert available.


My sweet tooth and greedy self could not resist!


In fact I was too full by this time and could not finish the ice cream even though it was shared among 4 people. Baba seemed happy with his choices. He is always the fastest eater!


Enjoying the food with our happy faces. Look at Baba’s expression!! Hahaha.


Happy birthday to Baba and Cik Yah. May you continue to be blessed with good health, more wealth, peace of mind and happiness in years to come InsyAllah. We all love you.


Nothing beats the joy of eating together. It is all part of creating wonderful memories to be cherished.


All smiles! Except my niece who was wondering what was going on lol.If you are looking for good delicious and authentic malaysian food, you need to make your way here. 1 Market by Chef Wan is located 04-45 to 49 Plaza Singapura.