Drizzling Happiness turns two!


Thanks to facebook I am reminded that Drizzling Happiness turns two today!! A year ago this site celebrated turning one with 300 subs but now it has exceed 1000 subs! How did that happen?? Not that numbers are important to me but the thought of 1000 people reading my blog and thought it was worth subscribing to, makes me feel appreciated. 😍 I am surprised people are interested in my ramblings lol.

2 years ago I started this blog to share travel stories, pleasant experiences and express myself. I wasn’t the best of writers and I constantly worry about making grammar and spelling errors. Typically I only share reflections and travel experiences but I seem to be getting requests to do book and kdrama reviews! Lol. Hmmmm….I do write about life changing books on the blog but with such a busy schedule, reading in was already a challenge. Let me consider lol.. I know that there are so many silent readers too who do not subscribe because they have no account but I am thankful you always tell me you love reading my blog lol.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Here’s to more insightful and meaningful sharing on the blog.

Thank u for all the love! I will continue writing about New Zealand this weekend. Work has been extremely hectic! This photo was taken when we were on the way from Wanaka to Arrowtown. ❀