Weekend trip to KL: Leaving KL to go back to reality

3rd January 2016

This was a short trip so I should not be dreading to go back right? Anyway, I start work tomorrow at 6.45 am so I shall enjoy whatever is left of this holiday.

Morning buffet breakfast. I love buffet breakfast and I try not to eat greedily but it is difficult lol.


I think my family loves buffet too because they could not stop eating as well. Lol.


After breakfast we went back to our rooms to pack. We were due to leave at 3 pm. I went out for a while to shop for an hour. Any ideas how many things I can buy in an hour?? Each time I bring Mum along for shopping I always end up buying more than I should because she encourages me to buy. Gosh.

Yummylicious drinks! I wish they would open an outlet in Singapore!


Back in our room and my niece was here to play with us. I think she likes to stare at me.


Even though I was not really keen to come along for this trip, I am glad I did. I was able to spend time with my little niece. While waiting for the bus…


In fact, throughout the  entire journey back to Singapore (that’s 4 hours!), she hardly slept! She kept playing and there were times she truly enjoyed going through everything on my lap and in my bag lol.

As I have such a busy life, I appreciate times like this. Looking forward to our next trip together. ❤