One year older, many years wiser

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

Mary Oliver

I had the opportunity to stay home on Wednesday due to throat swelling. I have not taken a day off work for medical leave the whole of crazy busy Jan so it was good to rest. Even though I was unwell and my throat was swelling and uncomfortable, I wanted to make the best of the situation. I no longer want to complain about being sick, instead I took the chance to rest and enjoy a peaceful breakfast at home.


Actually I don’t get to enjoy such luxury breakfast whenever I am at work. It is usually a ‘grab and go’ kinda of breakfast. To be able to sit down and sip the coffee slowly is truly a bliss.

The doctor gave me 2 days mc but I was determined to come back to work on Thursday. I really hate it when work piled up on my desk. Sometimes I think I am a workaholic lol.

Friday surprise.


Usually, partner would be the one wishing me and taking photos of me with the cake. She would also select the nicest photo to upload and delete the ‘ugly’ ones. I definitely miss her.

This handwritten note by my trainee was so sweet. Look at all the cute doodles! So jealous of people who have the talent to draw!


I was determined to make it to the gym on Friday for SF and MTV class. I knew I was going to miss my regular Sunday workout class. I also wanted to celebrate xiaomei’s birthday together.

Trying to do a heart shape with the food but failed lol.


Early birthday celebration for Xiaomei and me! We never fail to celebrate together every year and it has been 6 years? Wow how time flies!


One wefie with everyone to end the night!


Saturday was dedicated to doing grocery shopping and running errands. I set aside some time for family dinner to celebrate turning older. We met at J’s Wok and Grill at Tampines.


Because my little niece is too cute, I cannot help but to keep snapping photos of her. Furthermore, she was seated right in front of me.


It was my first time here and the food was pretty good. Appetizers first.


Main dishes. I ordered the Nasi Mendi and it was delicious.


Enjoying our food. I really like that the place was not too crowded.



Trying to take a decent group photo. Attempt 1.


Trying to take a decent group photo. Attempt 2. Spot the grumpy one.


We ended the night with the rich chocolate cake. It was shared among us.


Any time spent with the family and my little niece is always worth it.

Sunday lunch with my 2 loves. They actually booked this lunch with me months ago. Knowing that they are 2 very busy individuals, I could not deny their request to have this lunch on the actual birthday.


I chose Japanese food because I was craving for it! I was surprised Joyce agreed to it considering she JUST came back from Japan lol.

Stuffing my face with lots of sushis! I like!


This big bowl of ramen was delicious but I thought the ramen was too hard. They should let it boil longer so that it would be nice and soft.


Anytime time spent with my 2 loves is also time well spent. I have not met them since near year’s day! Even though we are always on wattssapp, it is not the same chatting online and chatting face to face.

Thank you for showering me with love all these years!!


Also, thank you for always giving me words of encouragement whenever I am down and accommodating to my ‘crazy face’ photos!


I requested a ‘no gifts’ get-together because this lunch was a gift by itself. At this age, I realized that I don’t need cake, candles, gifts or anything. I only need good friends who sees me as I am despite all the flaws and imperfections.

These two still insisted on giving me gifts lol. Joyce said that they are not birthday gifts, they are souvenirs from Taiwan and Japan. Lol.


Thank you everyone for your love. I truly appreciate it. I have yet to meet some others who wants to celebrate my birthday too. We shall meet next weekend!


This week’s journal entry dedicated to being grateful. I wanted to write one thing that I am grateful for this entire week. I am loving this layout the most so far.

Till next week! I am looking forward to filling my pages with precious memories and interesting stories! I do have an amazing life. Thank you and alhamdulilah for all the blessings.