Road Tripping Around New Zealand Chapter 10: That Wanaka Tree!!

2 December 2015

You know, I only came to know about Wanaka because of this tree. I have been following a couple of travel bloggers online and there is such a big hype about this unique tree. I was determined to look for this tree and probably take a few hundreds shots.

Actually I was pretty worried that I may not be able to locate the tree because Lake Wanaka was so huge and I have no idea where was the exact location of the tree. After our visit to Rippon Vineyard, we stopped by a little further from the town area, in search of this tree.



We arrived by this windy side of the lake and look what we spotted. The most adorable Mama duck and her ducklings! I can watch them all day seriously, yes I am obsessed with animals.

I finally spotted it from afar!


I was literally running towards it because, it was even more beautiful that what I had seen in photos! If you are wondering what all the hype is about, as you can see, this tree is uniquely located in the middle of the lake. It stands by itself and it looks beautiful from all angles. With the mountains, and the clouds behind it, it has all the qualities of a perfect photo.



Also known as the Lone Tree of Wanaka, this Wanaka tree decided to rebel and grow inside the lake. You can almost feel the other trees along the shore feeling jealous of the attention this rebel is getting from travellers all around the world.


If you are on instagram you can type in #thatwanakatree and you will find so many different versions of this photogenic tree. Depending on the tide, the tree looks different in different seasons and even during different parts of the the day. Beautiful nonetheless.


You will find that there are other travellers who are there to take photos too but we were fortunate there was only one young couple taking photos before us. If the tide is low, you can actually walk to the Wanaka Tree too. I am fascinated with this.

Along the way, I must have fallen in love with how beautiful this tree was. It was unique. This just goes to prove that you can still be different yet beautiful. I was like a fan of the tree. I never ever thought I would be a fan of a tree in my life lol.



If you are not too distracted by the wanaka tree, you will also notice that the park itself is photogenic too. It was a nice place for a picnic.


We were also blessed that it was a bright and sunny day. The wild flowers matched my dress so this is mandatory photo taking.10_zpsujypgcos


We went for early dinner after that. The town centre was a lovely place to hang out. After dinner we went over to buy ice cream and enjoyed it by the breezy lake. It was a lovely sight waiting for dusk to take over.


Of course I spotted these lovely birds and wanted to stalk them.


However they all ran away from me. I merely wanted to take photos of them. Yup, crazy girl in Wanaka stalking birds. Only one was not afraid of me.

20_zps2h3iddadIt looked like it was deep in thought. I was this close, I did not use the zoom function on my camera.


It waited for the sun to set like us. Such peace and tranquility. I am loving Wanaka already.