Cat Therapy @ The Company of Cats!

It has been really hectic at work since the year started and I really felt like I could be emotionally better with some therapy. What better way to de-stress than to go visit a group of feline creatures that we love so much?

Believe it or not, a few of my ‘cat crazy’ friends have come forward and admitted to me that they too, have this crazy obsession, I mean love, for cats just like me! We agreed that having cats around us makes us all happier so after much discussion, we decided to meet and go visit ‘The Company of Cats’!


The place was huge and what I like most about it was that, it was empty when we arrived! It was about 12.15 pm on a Sunday and we, the cat cray cray people were left alone with a group of cats! Imagine the possibilities!


I like how they displayed the photos of the cats and their names on it. That way, we as customers know what to call them. Not that the cats always respond to us calling their names, but oh well, we gotta try.

The posters!!



I also love how they cats have their own stairway to their kitty litter.


I could not wait to meet the cats! I was already swooning while standing outside the room full of cats.

This is Shasha! She was the first one who caught my eye because she was staring at me. Lol.


So I tried to take a selfie with her and she did not look amused.


My two friends dived right into playing with the cats! Look at us, it is like being in our natural habitat.


We were charged per hour and it comes with a complimentary drink. However, if you want to order the more ‘atas’ drinks, you have to top up a few dollars.


The cats were all hanging around near the door because apparently, it was lunch time.



Still trying to take a decent selfie with the cats.


Some rules in the cat cafe. You are not allowed to carry the cats, disturb the cats when they are sleeping or take photos of them using flash. This common rules are the same in every cat cafe in the world.


Therefore, apart from playing with them, you can only stare at them in awe.


Generally, cats love the heat and warmth from boxes and baskets. It makes them feel cozy and secure.


Adults cats are less playful and would prefer to sit and sleep so even if you are holding the most attractive toy in your hands and throw it around, they generally don’t care.


Therefore, if you want to take a selfie with them, it is good enough that they do not run away while giving you a bitchy face. Lol. This photo below with Meringue is my favourite photos mainly because I do not look ugly and Meringue looked like she is enjoying my rub!



Let me introduce you to the most majestic cat in the cafe. From her appearance, my guess was that she is the oldest cat there. I was right. I think telling cats’ age is my secret talent.


Her name is Belle and she has this grandma grumpy face. Nonetheless, she was still gorgeous.


We took turns to take a selfie with her.


She was ok but Shukri went a step ahead and came to her in the face. She must be in a good mood because she kissed him! Hmph! I am jealous. I also wanted to be kissed by a cat. Sobs.


After that kiss, she decided that she had enough of us.


I really had a wonderful time with my cat crazy friends! The one hour went by too fast!


Apart from the cats, you can also purchase cat merchandises here. There were so many choices, I had to resist all the temptations to buy all the cute stuffs!


We all agreed we need to meet up for cat therapy more often! Perhaps we could try a different cat cafe! Thank you my friends for entertaining me! We may not meet everyday but we do share cat videos and cat pictures on a daily basis. Lol.


The Company of Cats is located at 9B Mosque Street. You can alight at Chinatown mrt station and walk there. You can check them out here too.