Road Tripping Across New Zealand Chapter 5: Enchanting Lake Tekapo

30 November 2015

Prior to the trip, the cuzzie and me have been discussing on where exactly in Lake Tekapo would provide us with the best angle for photos. We have beenstalking following several famous travel and photography accounts on instagram for a while but we are still not quite sure where would be the best place to stop.

All our questions were answered when we saw this well known church…………….. and a whole lots of tourist buses.


Church of the Good Shepherd, built in 1935, was the first church built in the Mackenzie Basin. It sits on the shores of Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo, with the mountains in background was already stunning as it is. With these sea of purple lupins, the whole view in sight was simply enchanting.

2 3 4

There were a lot of people who were looking for the ‘perfect spot’ and ‘perfect angle’ to snap a photo. We were walking around the rocky shores for a while trying to decide the best place to pose for photos.

5 6

In the end we were still undecided so we took photos from all angles. We were literally surrounded by pure nature beauty all around.

7 8 9

Troll photo because Effa was posing for too many photos lol.


As usual I felt I failed to capture the beauty of Lake Tekapo with my camera so let’s try with Effa’s gopro.

11 12

Even the sky was perfect.

The place was so breathtakingly beautiful, I needed a moment to register in my brain that I am seeing the scenery live, with my very own eyes.


While enjoying the view and the fresh scent of Lake Tekapo, it was also hard not to be distracted by the so many tourists loitering around posing for photos with all sorts of weird funny poses. We were pretty amused when we saw a guy from China climbed this boulder up and stood there for quite some time. We had to pause from taking photos for a while and wait for him to get down and go away. If not, he would have unwanted appearances in the background of all our photos.

I also thought it was pretty dangerous. I am sure he was aiming for a good shot but if he had fell down, he could have injured himself badly.

I am all for crazy and adventurous photos, but safety is always a top priority. You would not want to be injured when you are travelling right?

Anyway, I managed to dip my hands into the water and it was so cold! No wonder no one was swimming in it lol.

We continued to make our way to Twizel and finally reached our destination at about 5 pm. Time to retreat and rest before exploring Mount Cook tomorrow. Let’s hope for good, sunny weather!