Road Tripping Across New Zealand Chapter 4: Pit-stops on the road to Twizel

30 November 2015

We are finally going onto the roads today! Yay! Believe me when I say I am thrilled to be going on this road trip. Not only have I been wanting to go on this road trip for years, I thought I would not be able to make it especially diagnsed with the infection I had yesterday. Anyway, I do feel like I am getting better, the medication was strong, I am still weak though and just to be safe, I visited every restroom at every pit-stop lol.


Since we did not really had the chance to explore Christchurch, Corrine brought us around the city.

Our first pit-stop was this peaceful secret hideout!

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My dear cuzzie said she often bring the kids (her brothers, niece and nephews) here to swim but I suspect she comes here for dates too but she is just not telling us the truth lol.


We are coincidentally in red today!

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It was really a quiet and peaceful place to chill. There was a playground too, I can see why this place is popular among kids.

12 13

Really nice.

The view while we were in the car…wow. Breathtakingly beautiful.

14 15 16

Our second pit-stop looked so familiar. I must have seen it like a thousand times in Alex’s and her instagram lol. It is Sugarloaf!

17 18 21

Aha! They often run and climb up the hills here!

22 23 24

The view was spectacular. We drove up of course. I think if we were to attempt running and climbing up these hills, we would still be here in two days.

25 26 27 28 31b

I like that there was no one around! We could do all the stupid things we wanna do!

29 31

It was really windy so which was why all our scarves were mis-aligned lol. I wish we could stay long but we have to make sure we arrive in Twizel while it is still daylight.

We stopped for lunch at this fish and chip restaurant. You can see this huge fish monument when you are on the road.

32 33

Our third pit-stop!! Rakaia Gorge, check out the view!

34 35 37 39

We were surrounded by hills and gorgeous views. I kept clicking my camera because I felt I was surrounded by pure beauty.

40 41 42 43

Our car looks tiny here.


The best way to travel in NZ is via car because the roads are mostly straight and there are not many cars on it. That does not mean we should be complacent while driving. I would have problems driving here mainly because I would be distracted by the views here. My eyes would be on the view instead of on the road lol.

46 47

Our next pit-stop was way to gorgeous beyond belief so I shall write a whole entry about it next!