Short Getaway to Port Dickson / Melaka: Chapter 2

19 December 2015

I had a good sleep last night mainly because the bed here is awesome. It is definitely one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on in all my travels. When going for getaways in Malaysia, I always look forward to the buffet breakfast. It is the only reason why I get out of bed lol.


The trick about eating buffet in restaurants is taking all the different varieties of food in small portions. This way, you will not be too full and you will get to taste most the food. Avoid food full of carbohydrate such as rice and starchy noodles because it will make you feel full faster.

There was a wide variety of yummy looking food! It was so hard not to take them all! I guess you can say that this resort provided one of the luxurious buffet breakfast. Of course I was happy, there were so many types of coffee available too.


The place was crowded and since there were 9 of us, we had to sit outside as all the bigger tables were outside.


Guess who was sitting next to me?


When I was trying to get coffee with one hand, and carrying my niece in my other arm, the manager of the restaurant insisted he carried my coffee drink for me. How nice.

There were some nice christmas decorations and that calls for family photo time.

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Heading back to our rooms before checking out. We love the buggy ride back.


Awww I am kinda sad that we are leaving today. I would love to stay here for another night.

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I would probably spend all the time in the pool swimming or n the bed sleeping lol.

We were checking out only at 1 pm so there was some time for this little one to swim for short while!

8 9 10

She really likes to play with water.

11 12 13

Actually I enjoyed taking her photos while staying dry outside of the pool. I wish I could join in but my clothes would be heavy when it is wet haha.

Taking a buggy ride to the lobby with all our bags.


 This girl was ready so we took her and brought her everywhere.

15 16 17

It took about 2.5 hours to finally reach Hatten Hotel in Melaka no thanks to the traffic jam. It is my first time here so look at the beautiful lobby.


However, no bed for me as there was only one queen bed. I had to take the couch.

19 20 21

Nah, they ordered an extra bed for me. The view from our hotel room was amazing.


After resting for a short while, we went out for dinner. The best thing about this hotel is that is located in the middle of all the shopping centres. You can do so much shopping here, all within walking distance, that is of course, if you are willing to walk.

We went to the mall opposite the hotel and found a magic lamp.


We also met Mr Panda but we, the adults were more excited than this little girl lol.


Dinner at Secret Recipe and dessert of course.

25 26

We ended the night by watching Star Wars movie!! Yes, how can we pass up an opportunity to watch this movie here? The tickets cost so much more cheaper here.

Tomorrow we head back to Singapore but we are stopping by a few places! Can’t wait.