Short Getaway to Port Dickson / Melaka: Chapter 1

18 December 2015

When the family told me that they are going for a short getaway, I thought I was going to miss it again since I am usually away on longer trips. However, since the NZ trip was pretty short, they waited for me to come home and planned this short getaway a week after I came home from NZ.

I would not have chosen to go (because I am lazy and usually tired after long trips!) if the destination was not Port Dickson. I have never been there but I have heard great reviews from friends.

So we departed from Singapore in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the traffic jam at Tuas. We left home at 4.30 am and we only reached JB at around 6.15 am. After the stopover at Gelang Patah, I actually took over the wheel to drive all the way to Pagoh. It was seriously my first time driving continuously for more than 2 hours lol. I was on high alert of course and had to follow the other car. Actually it may seemed easy, as it was a straight road, but there were many cars and lorries on the road and I had to refrain from saying too much profanities while driving no thanks to jerk drivers on the road.

Anyway, we made it safe and at around 12 pm we arrived at Grand Lexis Resort, Port Dickson.

Waiting around with my niece in her room since our rooms were not ready yet. It was really crowded at the lobby and most of them were Singaporeans. Gosh, Singaporeans are really everywhere.


Since it was my first time here, I wanted to explore the place a little, so I walked around.

2 3 4 5 6 7

The view from our front door. There were apartments facing the sea but I think those rooms will cost slightly more.


The best thing about this resort is the private pool inside our apartment. I love the privacy!

8 9

I also love our huge room and the huge beds!

10 11

Princess….she is almost one year old. How time flies!

12 13

I am amazed the crown did not fall off from her head while she was playing lol.


Still looking curious over everything we do lol.


When our rooms were ready, we went to our room and enjoyed ice-creams! I love this see-through window on the floor that allow us to see the sea beneath us.


Our pool was slightly bigger than the one in my bro’s room.


Our only mission for the day was to swim in it and my dad was enjoying himself like a kid. I shall only upload one photo of him playing haha.


I spent about 2 hours in the pool. I really enjoyed myself so much. #deprived

After shower and resting for a while, we headed out for dinner. We were going to have breakfast at the resort in the morning so we wanted to venture out to try out other kinds of food. We drove out and found a stall, a few minutes away.

19 20 21

The food was delicious and cheap. I especially liked the sweet and sour fish.

A getaway with no schedule except to swim, eat, rest and relax. I love it.