Happy birthday Linda sotong!

22 December 2015

You know when a group of friends who have not met in a long time, makes effort to free up their schedule just to meet up for a meal. They are keepers.

That is why I always treasure my lovely sotongs. We finally met on a Tuesday night and deciding on a date around everyone’s busy schedules was tough, that is why every meet up is precious.

Not only this was our end of the year / christmas dinner, we are also celebrating Linda’s birthday!


We met at Paddington House of pancakes at City Square Mall.

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As usual we usually want to try out everything on the menu so we order different types of food to share.

While trying out all the yummylicious foodie, I had no idea that greedy buddy and me share the same dislike for onions lol! That was why we could not help to finish up one of the pancakes with the avocado on top. High five!


Our favourite time is dessert time!


We decided to order two different types of dessert because greedy hahaha.

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Look at how delicious they look. How not to love dessert. This is also one of the reasons why we workout hard, to eat without feeling guilty.

Taking turns to give the birthday girl her present starting from Madeline.


My greedy buddy Rena’s. Look at their bright smiles. I could not help but to smile too while taking the photos.

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Happy birthday Linda dearie!! May you continue to be healthy, youthful and the kind soul that brightens others’ lives.

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I so love listening to her laughter and her sotongness never fails to make me laugh too!


Keep spreading that infectious smile and laughter always….


The staffs at Paddington were so helpful to help us take a group photo.

15 16

Not forgetting our mandatory squeezed head wefie.


We forgot the time and were the last customers in the restaurant. The staffs had to remind us that they were closing. Thank you for being patient!


Linda requested for us to stand outside the restaurant and posed for photos and since she is the birthday girl, we abide her request.


However we did not know she would make us do wall squats lol. Anything for our lovely sotong because we love you.

She still continued to make everyone pose for photos everywhere. I was pretty sure the passer-bys were thinking we are a bunch of drunk ladies who can’t stop laughing.


Till our next meet up!! Happy christmas and new year. Muacks.

Paddington House of Pancakes is halal certified and located at #02-35/36 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road.