Ice cream with Humairah @ Swensen’s

8 November 2015

I had nothing planned today. I can’t go for workout so I was lying in bed till 11 am reading fics. I was also rolling around and stretching so that my lower back feels loose and not too stiff. I still feel the pain on my left thigh, gosh, I hope it all goes away soon.

I was torn between wanting to stay home and doing some catch up on writing and blogging, and between bringing my cuzzie out for ice cream. I have not bring her out for a long time so today seemed like a good day. After much contemplation, I decided, why not! We called her and told her to get ready. She was excited of course.

We decided to go to the outlet in Downtown East so that we can shop for groceries there too.


Look at how chubby she became.


Among all my cuzzies, I think I pamper this one the most lol. But she is my youngest cuzzie!

3 4

Of course she was best at making animated faces. I take credit for that lol.


Food is here!

7 6

I keep ordering the same thing each time I go Swensens but I really like their fish and chips.


My parents are also predictable with their food choices lol.


Baba and his favourite mushroom soup.


The only new thing that I wanted to try was this potted ice cream plant aka dessert.


There was a jelly that shaped like an earthworm and Mum got shocked. She did not even want to eat it. Hahahaha.

This girl was so happy to be eating ice cream.


Our group wefie.

13 14

She is naturally photogenic lol.

Anyway we went to NTUC for groceries and she offered to help carry the basket but when it got heavy so she gave up. Lol. While sending her home, she also enticed me to stay for a while. She even locked the doors while I was talking to Cik Enon. LOL.

See you next time sweetie. #makcikkepo