Happy birthday Nurul! @ Afterwit

15 November 2015

Since the bestie started working at the new workplace, Saturdays are no more going out days. Lol. She has to work the entire day and would only be done around 5 pm so that meant that any outing with her has to be in the evening.

Anyway, it has been too crazy busy to meet up to celebrate her birthday. We are leaving at the end of November so that meant that all pending work and errands have to be done by then.

Therefore, I was happy when we finally get to have her birthday lunch on the 15th of November! Fidah was unwell so she could not join us. When asked to choose a place, the bestie said that she missed Hae bb so we should go have some tacos. Lol.

So, we met at Afterwit.


Afterwit is a halal certified restaurant serving mexican food.

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We did not know that the portion for quesadillas would be this big! The food was great and the price was reasonable too. Her tacos….


Funny how some food and things just reminds us of certain people.


We were full but we still wanted to try out the dessert. This is called ‘chichen’. It is buttery toast with banana and ice cream.


I was a bit upset because I could not pass her birthday presents because it was not ready. Therefore there are not photos of my present. This is ‘present’ she bought for herself.


I love the poster too by the way. 🙂

Happy birthday!! Stay healthy (stop drinking the freaking coke!) and happy. Sleep early and don’t stress yourself too much. Actually this advice is more for me lol. 


Our crazy face photos I love so much. Because smiling at the camera is too mainstream and boring.

As usual when we meet, our sole mode of transportation is cab. We stopped by my place because her brother was picking her up from there and guess who we bumped into? My little niece!


We also ran into Snowy downstairs so here is a pic of all my loves in it.


Here’s to more crazy photos, exciting adventures and happy memories together. ❤