Cafe hopping with my much missed greedy buddy!

10 August 2015

Even though Rena and me are often in contact via hp and social media, nothing can take the place of actually meeting up and sharing some good food together. We are finally able to meet today after not seeing each other for months.

I thought that it would be nice to venture to the west  so I suggested Rena bring me to anywhere nice in Tiong Bahru area. The area has been pretty popular among cafe goers and I haven’t been there in a long time.

We met before lunch and Rena lead the way. I actually enjoyed walking around the lovely yet quaint neighbourhood. It was evident that the place was often visited by aspiring photographers as well.

Apparently some of the cafes were closed, we are unsure why but we finally settled in Chapter 55.

The plan was to eat light. Truffle fries for two people. Is this considered light?


I needed my caffeine fix. Actually when we arrived the place was pretty empty. People started to stream in during lunchtime and suddenly the nice and quiet restaurant became noisy. Nevertheless, it was nice to be sipping coffee and chit chatting with my greedy buddy on a rainy day, instead of being at work. Just saying.


The gelato looked so tempting so Rena and me decided to order waffles with it. It came prettily….


Oh my, it was yummy. I have been craving for waffles for the longest time. Now we have a table full of food. Light food what???


Actually we could not finish the fries. Lol. We had plans to chill somewhere else as the restaurant gets more and more crowded. We stopped over at Drips Bakery! Look at Rena here looking so slim… does she do it? I need inspiration.


I must apologize to Rena because I was still recovering from sore throat. Poor Rena had to strain her ears to hear me talk but I was not going to let this sore throat spoil my plans. Hot honey lemon to soothe my throat and it was really soothing.


Our second round.


Drips Bakery was such a lovely place to chill. If we were not too full, we would have ordered more food! Lol.

A must do whenever we meet. After so many years together, Rena finally know how to make siao siao faces when taking photos with me! Yay!


This plan outside had the funniest sign on it! On a more serious note, don’t people have common sense not to throw cigarette butt into a pot of plant?


I was tempted to buy lots of cake an bread back from Drips Bakery back but I thought it as a good time to stop being greedy. Hahaha.If I was as slim as my greedy buddy, I would have bought it all!

10 11

Thank you dear Rena for always being such great company. I always have such a great time with her and we shared more intimate conversations during our meet up this time.


Till our next greedy date!! Muacks! #sotongslove