Happy birthday Mama @ 21 on Rajah

7 November 2015

My brother said that we should all go to 21 on Rajah to celebrate Mama’s birthday and so we did. I have no plans whatsoever ever since I was hit by this back pain a few weeks ago.


I have not seen my precious niece for 3 weeks and I miss her so much!!


Looks like I was not the only one.


She was able to walk if weld her hands. Look at her sitting in this baby chair. ❤


So adorable! Here looking stunned as usual.


Happy birthday to Mama! I know I treat the parents almost every week but this was a formal buffet style lunch lol.

8 6

The bro and sis in law planned for the restaurant to surprise Mama with a song and a cake but when the manager came, Baba was away hahahaha.


With favourite grandchild.

12 13 15

I love how my niece has a blank look in all the photos lol.


One family photo and it is a decent one thankfully.

19 18

We were about to go to the mosque for Zohor but I suddenly remembered that they have a prayer room upstairs. I tried my luck to see if the musollah was still there….and it was! Yay!

Taking turns to do the prayers. It was a small hotel room with prayer mat.

20 21

We then hopped over to Marina Bay Sands. We have been wanting to bring the parents there for quite some time but …. something always came up.

22 23

All the Christmas decorations made the place prettier.

24 25

Finally, it was time for the sampan ride! It costed $10 per person so I thought why would I want to squeeze in with them lol.


There wasn’t any queue too so it was good.

28 29

When they started their ride, we were by the sides watching and taking  their photos like some they were celebrities lol.

27 30 33 35

They were lucky to be able to see the ‘waterfall’! Baba was so excited like tourist and it was so funny. Hahaha.


My niece looking stunned as usual….I think she has a default stunned face lol.


Anyway it was a good day. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone especially my cute niece. Seeing her once a week is so not enough!


Happy birthday to Mama! Next birthday is my niece’s one year in December! Can’t wait!

21 on Rajah is at  1 Jln Rajah. It is part of Days Hotel located in Balestier.