Walking down heritage trail @ Penang Chapter 10: Goodbye Penang!

Travelogue: 9 September 2015

We are all packed up and ready to leave. Even though the trip was only 4 days long, I am glad to have spent this trip with le parents. When planning for this trip, I really did consider their well being and try not to include too many walking. Sometimes it is unavoidable but most of the times, our walking distance was reasonable.

Le parents looking sad that we were leaving.


I was paranoid and did not want to miss our flight so we were at the airport early. We were hungry and spotted a coffee shop!

We wanted light breakfast but this did not look light at all. Lol.


The nasi lemak was delicious and I was so impressed with the coffee that we bought packets versions to bring home.

Waiting to board, gosh it was really crowded.

2 3

I am really glad we made this last minute trip to Penang. I usually spend June and December for longer (and further) trips so it is good that I was able to maximize the short March and September break this year by taking short trips with the parents.


Home sweet home at Changi Airport!


Now, back to work before the next trip in November!