Walking Down Heritage Trail @P Penang Chapter 6: Time Tunnel and 3D Art Museum

Travelogue: 7 September 2015

After our visit to the Upside Down museum, I thought le parents would be tired but they wanted to explore the Time Tunnel Museum too. Lol. Actually Mum said it was tiring posing for all the photos but since we were already here in Penang, why not explore the other museum too. Ok then.

Apparently the Time Tunnel and 3D Art museum share the same owners as the Upside Down museum. That was why I received discount coupons for both!


Look at the difference between my mum and dad when taking photos lol.


When you enter the museum you would feel like you are transported back in time. Truly like the name ‘Time Tunnel’, you will see some of the items used by people centuries ago and how they lived. Here are the props used for cooking.


These items looked so old and I was so fascinated I wanted to pick it up but unfortunately it was stuck to the table lol. I am not exactly sure how old these items are but some of them dated back to 400 years ago. Wow.

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Since I was a history junkie, I really enjoyed the walk through the Time Tunnel. I thought it might be boring for le parents but they were enjoying themselves playing pretend play….

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I was like their official photographer. Lol.


After visiting Penang from 400 years ago, we arrived at the 3D Art museum which was located on the 2nd floor.


Le parents met an old friend.


They had an adventure on their own, I was like a lamp post.

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This was my favourite photo of them because they look like 2 giant butterflies!


I think being animated is in our genes.

17 18

Since my dad was the best at posing for animated photos, this was what happened.


It was so funny.  Even the staffs there were laughing at us.


One thing for sure, we were not going to miss riding in this giant ferrari.


Similar to the Upside Down Museum, the place was littered with staff in almost every room to help guests take photos. This was why we were able to be in the same photo.

22 23 24

Dad was so excited he wanted to be Spiderman. Do you know how many shots I took of him for this photo to be absolutely perfect? Lol. I did not want the staff to take the photo for us because I was too embarrassed lol.


He was so excited and amused by the photo that he kept looking at it. He even requested for the photos from my camera so he could upload on his facebook! Why is he so funny lol?

Overall, I really enjoyed the Time Tunnel and 3D art museum. It was le parent’s first time visiting a museum like this so naturally they were amused. I am just glad it was enjoyable for them as much as it was for me.


Since Penang was well known for its rich heritage, this museum is a good stopover for you to understand a little bit about the history. Visiting a museum like this will trigger you to think about how much life has changed and improved. We live comfort now, all thanks to our ancestors who worked hard almost all their lives.

That is why it is important to learn and study about history. It teaches us to think about the past, to be grateful for what we have in the present and to remind ourselves that one day, in the future we will be history too.

Penang Time Tunnel (History Museum):  

 No. 39, Jalan Green Hall, 10200 George Town, Penang.