Walking Down Heritage Trail @ Penang Chapter 5: Upside Down World!

Travelogue: 7 September 2015

Yesterday, while we were at Chew jetty, a stranger passed us this brochure about an Upside Down museum in Penang. I have no idea about this place even though I researched about the places of interests in Penang before this trip.

I thought it would be lame to the parents so I asked them if they were interested. They said, why not, since they have never been into one. Actually I have never been to an ‘Upside Down’ museum as well so I was glad that they wanted to check it out too.


We had RM2 off from the ticket price because there was  discount coupon attached to the brochure we received yesterday. Thankfully I did not chuck it into the dustbin.

We were told to remove our footwear and placed it safely in the locker next to the counter. Can you see it in the photo above?

When we entered the museum, we were amazed to see everything dangling from the ceiling. It looked like the entire museum was upside down! There was a staff in the first room who guided us on how to pose for photos.


Let’s check out the living room, shall we?

2 3

Let’s dangle from the ceiling!


Let’s check out Mum’s favourite place! Kitchen!

6 7

Shall we stand on our hands while climbing up the stairs?


Read some books….


Chill in the hallway…


The kids’ bedroom was so much fun to play in.

11 12

Let’s go to the master bedroom…

14 13

I have never been so excited to be in the laundry room lol.


The bathroom!! I love how it is so spacious it could fit all three of us in.


Now let’s attempt to hang from the walls of the nearby coffee shop.

17 18 19

You know Penang is famous for its street art?

20 21 22

It is also famous for its rich heritage.


All the fruits here….let’s steal some away.


My dad’s favourite moment of the day, being able to do the famous Michael Jackson’s anti gravity pose.


The whole experience was amazing fun! Even my parents enjoyed posing for the photos. They were sporting enough to be animated just like me lol. The museum assigned staff in every room to help guests take photos. That way, your photos will turn out right, just the way it is supposed to be. I thought this was amazingly thoughtful.

Initially I thought that the museum would be like the trick eye museums, where you have to follow the signs on where to stand so that you can see the 3D effects in your photos. Having a staff around truly reassured me.

It seemed that this museum is pretty new and it is in the process of applying for Guinness Book of Records! If you are in Penang, this place is a must go!

Address : Upside Down Museum, 45 Lebuh Kimberly, 10100, Penang