Walking down Heritage Trail @ Penang Chapter 2: Purrfect Cat Cafe Meow!

Travelogue: 5 September 2015

I am just so happy that the parents agreed to follow me to the cat cafe. I thought they would be bored. We hailed a cab and hopped in and 15 minutes later, we arrived!

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I loveeee this wall with all the post-its notes! All the customers’ feedback and comments about the cafe can be seen here! The cafe does not have any entry charges. Instead everyone needs to order a drink and they can stay for as long as they want. I like it.


As we walked in further, these words really tickled me. Lol.


I really loved the deco on the walls.

11 12

The second floor was cosy.

13 14

There was a separate section for the cats. They were in a room with sliding glass door. Therefore, when you are having your food and drinks, you can be sure that no cats will come and lick your food. Lol.


I could not wait to go into the cat’s room. There were about 7 cats.

35 36 38

Most of the cats were doing their own thing but these two snuggling to each other was the cutest thing in the world.

15 16

The rest of them were happily sleeping away.

17 18 20 48 IMG_6365

This one was overly active! It was climbing onto all the furniture and running around the room.

21 22

When it started to get tired, it went over to this ‘couch’ and rested….

33 37

I was playing with it and it started to stare at me and wanted to kiss me. You are welcome to kiss me anytime!! Lol.


Le parents seemed to be enjoying themselves chilling away.



The drinks were yumsss…I wished we ordered the dessert but we were too full from our late lunch.


Look who decided to wake up?


My mum trying to play with it because its grumpy face was just too cute!

41 42

Even my dad loves this grumpy one! He was kinda playing soccer with it. It was smart enough to kick the small ball. I even have it recorded on video!


This one keeps wanting to get out! It was using its paws to slide onto the glass door. It looks like it was cleaning the glass door lol.  It was also meowing non stop, as if asking people to release him from the room.


Look how it was pleading with the human…so adorable. I wish I could let it out but the caregivers were telling me that this one was the naughtiest lol.


Some were doing nothing but staring into space.

50 51

This one looked angry that I woke it up….then it looked shocked lol.


I had to take a selfie with it!


I was actually surprised I did not even sneeze the whole time I was there. As much as I am cat crazy person and a cat lover, I am also allergic to their fur. Usually I would start sneezing 15 minutes after being with the cats in an enclosed area. I think that this cat cafe was really clean and the cats were were well taken care off. I was able to spend a more than an hour in the room without sneezing and most importantly, without any difficulties breathing.


This cat cafe is the only one in Penang! If you are a cat lover, you have to stop by this cafe!

This was also le parents first visit to a cat cafe. They seemed to love it a lot! We love the cat pillows a lot too!


Thank you to the staffs for taking such good care of the cats! Their fur were really clean and soft! Definitely one of the cleanest I have ever been too.

Purrfect Cat Cafe (Penang): 241B Victoria Street,   188030