Walking down heritage trail @ Penang Chapter 1: Hello Penang!

Travelogue: 5 September 2015

This trip was the most impromptu trip ever for me. I had plans to go for a short trip with the parents in September and we were all set to go to Bangkok to enjoy cheap shopping and crazy eating.

However, 2 weeks before we leave, there was a major bomb happening in the central of Bangkok and it targeted tourists. I was shocked. I was only there 2 weeks before and I cannot imagine why anyone would want to do this to hurt others. I was reluctant to change the destination of our trip but the parents were uneasy and they wanted to change our destination. I was coincidentally very busy with work and have yet to do any booking for plane and hotel.

Since this trip was for them, I thought, why not just go according to their wishes. After much discussion, we decided on Penang. It took me a few days to do some research and plan our itinerary. I asked Ee Lin and Gwwen for some recommendations since they are from Penang and booked everything only a week before the trip. Wow, even I was amazed by this.

Being at the airport really early because I am paranoid about missing our flight. It turned out that we were early so we went for breakfast.



Le parents looked so happy and were already taking photos at the airport. Lol.

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They made me pose for photos too.


I was really excited because I planned this trip all by myself. Thankfully the parents were not fussy, but while planning I did have to consider their health and ability. They are not able to walk too far so I had to be mindful about all these.


4 days in Penang and I only need a backpack. Congrats to me. Lol.

My read in the plane. As much as I love travelling, I really hate flying, seriously.


We have arrived! Hello Penang!


We took a cab from the airport and it was a 45 minutes journey. Our stay for the next 3 nights.


It was already 3 pm so were wanted to go somewhere near for lunch. We headed to the shopping mall next to our hotel. Our hotel, Jen Hotel was walking distance to two shopping malls. We were not too fussy about food so we ate at the foodcourt.


Simple chicken rice meal. We can never go wrong with chicken rice.

It was still early to go back so we decided to go the nearby Cat Cafe. I prepared a list of places to go and knowing that we would be going to the cat cafe first, I was ecstatic!