Train Rides: A place like this

Travelogue: 22 June 2015

It is an early morning
I need an island in the sea,
Away from you away from me,


Beyond the waves beyond the wind,
Beyond the world that we live in,


Under skies of shining stars,
Away from lights and noisy cars,
Above the egos and the stress,
Beyond the world we made a mess


A place for me a place for you,
An earth that’s green a sky that’s blue,
A place for you a place for me,
An open sky and light blue sea,


With dreams as solid as the ground,
A place like this I think I’ve found.
A happy thought no one can take it,
A place like this is where we make it


I need a mountain in the sky,
Just beneath where angels fly,


Where snowflakes falling on the ground,
Is the most disruptive sound,
Above the waves above the wind,
Above the world that we live in,


Above my life above the stress,
Where I can lay it all to rest,


Under skies of falling snow,
Just above the world below,
Just above the trees and birds,
A place I can’t describe in words.


An empty place that’s so appealing,
How’d I get this stupid feeling?


Bad ideas come and go,
But none as potent as the snow,


I need no island in the sea,
Just the things that make me me.


I need no mountain in the sky,
Just to laugh try not to cry,


Forget these far off fantasies,
And manifest as realities,


Reach out and grab it in good time,
Seize the moment make it mine,


Catch the moment make it last.
Just be grateful when it’s past.


Sensations as real as the wind,
Try not to be sad when it ends.


A happy thought no one can take it,
A time like this is when we make it.


I need an island in the sea,
And all of that which makes me me.

Poem by Milo Shumpert (A place like this)

A compilation of some of the views we saw while we were travelling on the train in Europe. Most of the photos are taken in Switzerland. I felt compelled to write this special entry because if we had traveled by coach, we would not be able to see the ‘real’ side of this beautiful country.

Therefore if you are travelling to Europe, I highly encourage you to get the eurail pass, especially if you are travelling to different cities. Comfy trains, world-famous sites and countless memories await you. That is their motto anyway.

I recorded many videos of our train rides so let me share with you one video where you can see the gorgeous green lake next to the mountains. Link here. 


All the photos were taken by Nurul, Bon and me using Canon, Nikon, Olympus and iphone.

Thank you for all your readership! I hope you have enjoyed reading it, and gained some useful information about Switzerland. I don’t think I will ever get tired of these places. I hope to be back soon and capture more beautiful landscapes and make more everlasting memories.