48 hours in Bangkok: Solo and talking to myself

Travelogue: 14 August 2015

The bestie left the hotel rom at around 4 am this morning. I could have gone back with her but since I arrived a day later than her, I thought I might as well make use of the time here to explore.

I wanted to go back to sleep after she left, it was not even Subuh yet. I could not sleep. Gosh. I have been having trouble sleeping no thanks to the cough this entire trip . In fact, I did not know how I survive the trip with no voice and this horrible cough at night.

Lazing around in bed till the sun rises.


I really wanted to go back to sleep but I think I managed to go back to sleep for about 45 minutes and I was up again. I remembered reading text from the bestie telling us that she had safely arrived in Singapore…and I was still in bed. Since I could not sleep, I started to write in bed. I had the whole big bed to myself hooray.

I finally got up, packed my bag and head down for breakfast.


Not much choices for food but I was able to get a good seat. I wanted to just chill there and write but the place was getting crowded and noisy so I went back to the room.

I was thinking of going to Siam Paragon to eat dessert in After You but I changed my mind. Firstly I did not want to carry my heavy bag around to take the train and secondly, I knew I could not finish even the smallest dessert in After You, all by myself. I was supposed to meet Bon for lunch but she got caught up at work and was not able to go out.

This meant that I was going to spend the day solo.

In the end I checked out and headed to MBK. I only wanted to have my lunch there but I was still full from breakfast. I walked around for a while and ended up shopping. It was good that my bag was small and there was no way I could carry more stuffs with me.

Here at Yana restaurant because the food was too yummy the last time.


I really hate eating alone but it was not too bad. Thank God for internet!

Searched for the musollah and I found it!! I took a photo of it but I must have not check properly because it was not in my phone. Haiz. Anyway, I did my zohor and asar prayers and got walked around a little more and ended up buying stuffs from Baba and Fatty.

Took the cab to airport and I was so damn sleepy…gosh. I have yet to check in online because the website is being stupid on me so I wanted to be at the airport early.

Upon arrival at the airport, I saw a self check in machine and did it right there. And I did it!


Thank goodness I had no baggage because the queue was damn long. I had some free time so I went for coffee.


The toast was an incidental buy, it looked so good. I wanted to chill longer but Bon was paranoid and did not want me to miss my flight so I checked in.

I found this black bean soy milk at the gourmet supermarket last night and it is my fav drink from Korea!


Waiting around to board. It was so crowded. It was interesting to watch the people. It is true when people say that you learn more when you are quiet.


Waiting to board and it was really windy and looked like it was going to rain. I was slightly nervous because this is not a big plane and if its going to take off in the heavy rain….

I prayed for safety. Made sure I texted everyone that I was boarding. It was only a 2 hours flight after all.

Overall, I am really proud of myself. I flew solo and spent an entire day solo in a foreign land with no hiccups. I was not expecting that. Oh well, this means that I can one day travel alone? I think I can, even though I tend to be bored if it is for long period of time. Remember,  I spent an entire day alone in Montreux when the girls went to Milan? Plus, there was a storm and I was all alone in that big apartment. Lol.

I feel like I can do anything from these experiences. I learnt to trust myself a little more. I was almost voiceless the entire trip too, I am really surprised at how smooth everything turned out. At times, I speak aloud to myself. I think aloud and it is a coping strategy for me. It work wonders!

This also goes to show that ladies, you can safely travel solo to these countries!

I am so glad I trusted my instincts and did this!