48 hours in Bangkok: Flying solo for the first time

12 August 2015

Today was the day! I have been looking forward to this day and now that it is finally here, I just had to lose my  voice.

I went to work this morning. I had no voice at all and I was pretty sure I will not be able to do my work properly. I realized that there was no way I can fly overseas in this manner so it was best that I go to the doctor. Even Mum was nagging at me asking me to skip work and take medical leave. My colleague came for a while and I could not even speak so I told her I think I am going to the doctor to take medical leave.


Throat infection and the medicines were so expensive. Sigh. I would rather be well and working.

Oh well, if I knew I will not be working, I would have chosen to be on an earlier flight. I had the day to rest. I was paranoid and I did not want to miss my plane so I left for the airport after Asar prayers.

Snowy saying goodbye to me.

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The plan was to take the bus and train but Baba decided to drive me to the airport so I was damn early. I was at the airport at 5.30 pm and my flight was only at 8.40 pm.


Once arrived, I checked in and looked for the musollah. I went to see where my boarding area would be so I will not lose my way later. Once all was done,i it was only 6 pm so I decided to go get some hot drink for my painful throat. Even the cashier at coffee bean looked at me with sympathy when I tried to speak. Everyone has been really nice and since I was alone, there was no need to talk.

I sat at coffee bean watching planes go by. I have been craving my muffin for the longest time! But they did not have banana muffin and I am still craving for it. It was really relaxing and therapeutic.


Too much waiting time so I decided to convert it to writing time. I am so glad I pasted all the photos in advance.


I guess with internet, one can never get bored. I finally boarded the plane at 8.30 pm and was coughing non stop. I really hate it when they do not allow us to bring in water on the plane. I really looked and sounded like I was dying. I felt sorry for the person next to me lol.

I arrived in Bangkok two hours later, safely. The minute I arrived I quickly checked out and looked for the shop that sells sim card. The ladies at the counter were really helpful and I did not have problems at all. Once done, I went over to the taxi stand and queued for a taxi. The guy at the counter was nice enough when he heard my ‘sexy’ voice.

It was not long till I got the cab and the driver drove me straight to the hotel. With internet, I was able to inform the girls I had arrived and was on the way to the hotel.

The driver was not sure of the way and he was not able to speak english and with my voice, it was difficult to explain but he was smart enough to call the hotel and asked.

I arrived at the hotel lobby and the betsie picked me up! It was all a breeze! Even I was surprised, with no voice! Lol. Looking forward to see Bon tomorrow!