Happy 4th birthday Humairah!

20 September 2015

It is Sunday and I have a lot of things to be done today! First up, meeting the bestie for breakfast!

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We wanted to go to Food Junction but alas, the food court was closed due to renovation! So sad! I was so looking forward to digging into the fish soup again.

We decided to meet for a while in the morning so we could finalize some of our accommodations for our end of the year trip. Old town was a bit cramp so we moved to Charlie Brown cafe.

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I did not realize that the lights of the characters’ faces. Pretty food.


I have never eaten anything with a doc face on it lol. The molten lava cake was soooo good. By the end of the meet up, we were able to book and settled most of the accommodations. I am still worried about our flight as we are still looking for a suitable flight that is not too expensive.

After reaching home, I had to quickly do zohor prayers as we were supposed to go to Humairah’s birthday gathering. However, when we arrived she was having her mood swings and refused to smile.


Even with Delisha and Dayini around, she was still stubborn. I thought it was funny.

She finally agreed to smile for the camera. She is really kepala angin. Lol.


Look at her in this Frozen dress. It was so girly, unlike her at all. Lol.


Time to cut the cake! Look at how excited she was!


I still remember her at 2 years old and not able to blow the candles on the cake. Because I have it on video, the memory is still so clear to me.


Of course now she knows how to blow the candles. It is her 4th birthday today and I can’t help but feel nostalgic at how fast she is growing.


A group photo with the youngest ones in the family, including my niece who looks confused and clueless all the time lol.

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They did all the different poses without me asking them to. Clever girls!

She was all excited when it was time to open the presents.


The two girls were also helping her. I love how Delisha is always taking care of this makcik kepo.

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I bought her a Frozen school bag and made her pose with it. Apparently, my gift was not as exciting as the Play-Doh thingy.


Someone was still looking shocked lol.


Look at her ‘duh’ face. I am happy my niece is not the cranky type.


I also love how she always look directly at me and my camera so all my photos of her are so clear and pretty.

Group photo of Mama and the girls. They wanted to do the multiple shots lol.


One wefie with me ok. I have been the camera woman the entire day, my photos are non existent.


With my other cuzzies….everyone is growing too fast and yes,  I am growing older too.

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Happy birthday sweetie. Love ya. Muacks…from Kak Nani.