Happy birthday Jackie @ Fika Cafe One KM

3 September 2015

Trying to find a common date to meet for 6 very busy working ladies was not easy at all. Every birthday, we take so long trying to decide on a place and date. To be able to meet on a Thursday night, where everyone could make it was a miracle enough.

Thursdays are usually my busiest day with tuition only ending at 6.30 pm and me rushing home for maghrib. I had to rush home to quickly do prayer and go out again. Thankfully the place of meet up was near the home.

It felt like ages since I last met these ladies.

3 4

Starving for food and the food was pretty good.

1 2

I guess because we rarely meet, there are always so many things to talk about. Giving out the present to the birthday girl.

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Our mandatory different poses shot! Lol.

This Hui Mei wanted to take a photo under this fake tree along with this little bicycle and to prevent her from looking like a siao person, I accompanied her.


However, in the end, I still think we looked like 2 siao cha bos.


The one with the deprived childhood.


Our two Dajies are still the most elegant in the group.


One group shot at this tree. I think we looked pretty good as a group.


Since the cafe was photogenic, we just had to take from different angles. Thank you to the patient staff who entertained us.

16 17

All the photo taking because we seldom meet, and I instructed them to do the different poses. Lol.

18 19 20

One selfie with the birthday girl! Happy birthday Jackie! Muackss!


One wefie with the group. I am glad by now everyone know where to look at and how to smile nicely hahaha.


Our signature pouty lips pose. We looked good right?


See how everyone looked so synchronized. See you bananas in October! Muacks!