Happy birthday Madeline @ La Marelle Cafe

21 September 2015

After taking the longest time to come up with a suitable date and time to meet up, we finally decided to meet on a Monday night. This was our first time meeting on a Monday night. I am not really a fan of going out on weekday nights mainly because I am old would be too exhausted from work and I start work really early the next day.

I recommended ‘I am’ cafe because the food is pretty good and it is not costly, however upon arriving, we realized that the cafe was closed on Mondays! Yikes. I should have checked first before coming.

Fortunately, there were many halal cafes in the area so after walking aimlessly for a few minutes, I suggested La Marelle cafe at Baghdad Street.

Apparently it was Linda and Madeline’s first visit to this cafe!

Tea set for the birthday girl.


It was kinda funny watching Linda and Madeline exploring the place. I must say that the colourful and cheereful deco of the cafe made these two sotongs excited too. We were seated on the first level and they wanted to explore the second level. Rena and me ended up as their models. Shot taken from the second level of the cafe.


Since the cafe was very pretty, we took the chance to take more photos, After all, we rarely get to meet lol.

2 3 3a

The cafe was pretty and colourful, it would be impossible to hate such cutesy deco.


Even the plates were pretty.


Here is Linda busy capturing the pretty cafe. She is really so amusing and adorable!!


Thank you Linda for these cute cookies!!


In return I gave her a chocolate from Swiss! Actually I have been holding on to these yummy chocolates since June. It was difficult trying to keep the chocolate in the fridge because it was too delicious to resist and I often wonder how Baba managed to finish the chocolates without me knowing. Lol.


Nothing is better than a cool and refreshing drink on really hot day.


Food is here! We were really baffled as to why they placed the food on brown paper in baskets. It made the food pics ugly even though the food was pretty good.


Group photo by the helpful staff because we were too noisy to be ignored. Lol.

6 7

As usual, I love the capture candid shots of my sotongs because it always feature them as themselves, beautiful and fascinated by food. Lol.


Happy birthday to my dearest love and partner Madeline!


A year older but you don’t seem to age since the first time I get to know you more than 5 years ago. ❤


Love you lotsssss…..thank you for always doting on me and spreading your contagious laughter to us sotongs.


All these cakes are for you…..


Nah, just kidding, how can you have cake without us?


Mandatory photo taking with the birthday girl.

16 17

I loveeeeee this photo because it really captured Mad’s delighted and surprised face when she saw her name on the envelope.


I felt a bit embarrassed when she read the card lol. I handmade the card only the night before.


And I so cleverly bought her a chinese wedding gift. I really had no idea that the fortune cats that I bought was meant to be for weddings. Oh well… I am part of this sotong group for a reason.


I hope you like it!!!


But first, let’s finish the cake before it melt lol. The salted caramel cake was the best. It melts in your mouth. Definitely one of the best cakes I have ever tasted. Look at us all enjoying the yummy cakes.


Thank you dearies for the wonderful night! I really felt all my weariness from a day’s work washed away upon meeting you sotongs.


Stay cheerful, healthy and blur!! Lol….trademark of sotong gatherings, we always tend to get lost and I am not even exaggerating.


Till next meet up full of laughter…….

La Marelle Cafe: 25 Baghdad Street (2nd level of shophouse)