Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 17: Surprising Thun

Travelogue: 21 June 2015

This time we were careful to check out seats. We did not want to repeat the embarrassment we had on the ferry to Vitznau. So apparently, it was free seating everywhere so we sat at the porch so we could enjoy the view!

Check out the Swiss flag flying proudly.


I cannot believe our luck. If we had not dared to ask the counter, we would be on our way back to the Spiez train station, up walking up the hill and all. The view was gorgeous, we had to keep our camera ready at all times.

3 5 6 7

Please pardon our excitement. Lakes and mountains are not a common sight in our country. I am pretty sure some of the passengers on the ferry were judging us by the number of photos we took of the view and ourselves.


I love the windy ride except it made my tudung senget (crumpled) in all the photos. After a few hundreds shots, we decided to simply enjoy the view and the ride.

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I even video recorded the ride. The photos really did not do the place justice. At each stop, we were also busy taking photos of these houses by the lake. It is so beautiful. Sobs, why can’t I stay here….?

10 11

I was also excited to see ducks swimming by the side of the lake.

Thankful for this ferry ride!! We were able to see things we didn’t plan to see, like these gorgeous views.


The center of Thun is located on the River Aare, just downstream of the point where that river flows out of Lake Thun, and encompasses both banks of the river and an island between. Source here.

There is a small castle in Thun but we did not have the time to explore more. We choose to walk at the park because greenery and serenity was attractive to us.

13 14

Admiring the beautiful green waters.

15 16 17

It was actually a cool day and it would be nice to simply hang out here for a picnic.

We walked to the end of the garden. Apparently, this was a residency so we could not continue our walk. Spot the bestie, still trying to look for ways to go in lol.

18 19

Oh well, it was time to feed the birds. We stopped by the convenience store and bought ice cream for ourselves and bread for the birds.


As you can see, we are having a difficult time saying goodbye to the birds. Thankfully Bon was not around or she would definitely scold us. LOL.


Sigh, if we were not catching a plane, we would have stayed longer. We had to catch the train back to Bern for our luggage.


And off we were to the airport.


Yup, our luggage exceeded the limit so we had to hand carry the remainder. I was carrying almost 8 kg on my back and in my hands.

Last meal at Nordsee before we board. We will definitely miss Nordsee!! If you are not aware, Nordsee serves only fish and seafood. Its perfect for us! These fried shrimp was so delicious. Bring the franchise over to Singapore soon!


Actually we were held back due to our luggage, we were worried we might miss the plane again. Lol, THAT is one experience I never ever want to repeat. Anyway we managed to board the plan on time and arrived safely back in Singapore. It was a direct flight.

This has been an amazing trip! Even though we are still pretty sore about not being able to see the views of the 3 mountains we visited, the other parts of the trip has been beyond my expectations. I remember sometime last year, Bon and the bestie had already made a decision to go again but I was still contemplating whether or not to tag along.

I am glad I did.

This is the end of the series on Europe and Switzerland 2015. I have written 32 chapters on the trip itself! Crazy right!! I will be sharing one last chapter dedicated to the scenic train ride we had in Europe. Do anticipate it!

Thank you to all who have been following the blog posts all these while. I am sorry I took 3 months to complete writing it but hey, I did it in the midst of hectic working and personal life so yay.

In these 3 months , I have visited Bangkok and Penang for short trips and I can’t wait to write about it too! Soon!