Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 14: Feeling sad at Mt. Rigi

Travelogue: 20 June 2015

We are almost reaching the end of our trip and it was no doubt that this trip has been one of the most enjoyable trips ever. No doubt we did have some bad luck with the weather but we did experience sunny and bright weather on some days and we were able to capture the beauty of Switzerland.

Our agenda today is to visit Mt Rigi. We have been excited about Mt Rigi for the longest time and we saved the best place for the last. We have seen how beautiful the view from up is, from tv and websites and we cannot wait to experience it all ourselves.

A train ride to Luzern in the morning.


From Luzern, we had to take a ferry to Vitznau. This was the view from the ferry.

2 4

We were happily sitting at the top deck and enjoying the view before the staff in charge told us that the upper deck of the ferry was for first class passengers. Lol. We honestly did not know. Oh well, we managed to take some shots before we were ‘chased away’.

3 5

Unfortunately, the weather did not look good. It was windy and then it started raining. Most of the people in the ferry were obviously tourists too and I am sure they were all hoping that the rain would stop.

6 7

We were still oping that the sun will come out and make a surprise appearance but ………. Moody shots to reflect our emotions. The view would have been so beautiful if not for the rain and fog.

9 10

When we arrived in Vitznau, the rain got heavier. We figured that there was no point taking the tram up so we looked around for a place to sit and wait for the rain to stop.

11 11a

Hot drinks and dessert to cheer us up. I think we waited for about 45 minutes but the weather did not look like it was going to change. We finally decided to just take the tram up and somehow hope that it was better up there.

The view from inside the tram up. There was nothing much to see as it was still raining and the fog was hindering the view.

12 13

We have arrived at the peak of Mt Rigi but……all we can see is fog!


To say that we felt sad was an understatement. This is me rethinking about my life.


The bestie took a photo with the Swiss flag instead since there was no view to take with. Lol.


It looked like a ghost train.

19 20

This crazy bestie…..oh well whatever makes her happy.


We did not do anything. We went to this little cafe to have lunch. It would have been a pleasant experience but the cafe was suddenly bombarded by a group of really loud and rude PRCs. They turned the peaceful cafe into chaos. We were all trying to have our lunch in peace but they have somehow made our experience here even more depressing than it already was.

I am sorry if I sound bias but this was not our first time experiencing such with the PRCs, regardless of where we go.

Time to take the tram down. We were honestly all moping away….but who wouldn’t be upset when we don’t get to see what we came for.

22 23 24

Oh well, you know what this means? We have to come back here next time! It will be a clear and sunny day and we will be able to see the gorgeous view from Mt Rigi.

For now, we could enjoy this view of a little waterfall from the tram down.


I am sure everything happens for a good reason. Like I mentioned, we were approaching the end of the trip, we might as well make the best out of it.

26 27

For now, let’s make our way to Zurich and feed the swans!