Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 12: Flying high in Interlaken

Travelogue: 19 June 2015

We were excited to be on the way to Interlaken. We were informed that it is one of the ‘must go’ destinations in Switzerland so we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Still trying our luck in getting the perfect window shot. I have the worst luck with beautiful views and the best luck with lamp posts photobombing and blurred photos. I think this was the best I could make do with. I wanted to look emo but I think I looked arrogant instead. Sorry lol.


We are here! Bon and AK went off to try out paragliding. I really wanted to try too but I was kinda worried about my injured knee. I mean, if I land wrongly and hurt my knee, I risk not being able to walk properly for the remainder of the trip and I do not want that.

So the bestie and me roamed around the little city.


My camera has been out of sorts since yesterday.  All my photos seemed blur but in actual fact, they were somehow reduced in size. I was pretty upset because I only realized this at the end of the day. I wished I had discovered sooner because Interlaken truly was too beautiful and taking photos of it should not be taken lightly.

Therefore, most of the photos in this entry are from Nikon camera and captured by Nurul.

We were drawn to this river.

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The gorgeous blue waters really made us feel like jumping into it!


We were actually having a difficult time getting someone to help us take a photo together. We had the help of a guy from China but he captured only us, without the view. Sigh. I guess I needed to be clearer in my instructions.


Eventually, an elderly couple managed to help us capture the scenery that we wanted. Thank you!

The selfie attempt.


We walked around the area and decided to walk along the river bank.


I wished there were more ducks to look at.

We thought that it could take a while waiting for Bon and AK to be done so we wanted to explore the tram ride up. We took a few minutes to decide but what the heck, since we were already here, why not just go all the way up? In a few minutes, we were already on the way!

This is a double deck train that I was fascinated about on our way to get the tram tickets.


We were excited to explore but the walk to the main view point was enough to mesmerize us.


With the little flowers by the sidewalk.


Look at the view wow!!


We are here!


I guess we were blessed with the sunny and clear day!

14 15

I don’t know how else to describe being up there. It was truly so beautiful beyond imagination. We started snapping photos away from all the different angles.

16 17 18 19

I was amazed at how the clouds were nicely hiding behind the mountains, how the river was beautifully painted in turquoise and how every building on the ground reminded me of tiny legos neatly arranged.


It was picture perfect. See how beautiful is His creation on this Earth, can you imagine how much more beautiful it will be in paradise?

I took lots of photos but because of the low quality, I will not be sharing it. I wish I could share with you what I saw but that is almost an impossible task. As beautiful as these photos are, it was way more stunning to see it live.

When we finally reunite with Bon and AK they shared with us their paragliding photos and it was wow!!!

21 22

We thought we saw the beauty of Interlaken but Bon saw the ENTIRE beauty from up there! Look at how much she was enjoying herself!

If you ever have the chance to go to Interlaken, go for the paragliding! It is a once in lifetime opportunity and I am sure you will not regret it like I did.

PS: Paragliding photos of Bon were stolen from Bon’s fb but I am sure she don’t mind because she love me.