Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 10: Climbing up the Staubbach waterfalls

Travelogue: 17 June 2015

We were due to leave our apartment in Montreux today. I will miss waking up to this view


However, I was looking forward to staying in a brand new place. This apartment was ok I guess, but I am not really fond of carrying my luggage up 4 storeys high. I really appreciate AirBnB apartment owners to be owners. If you are looking for apartments to stay during your trip , do check all these before booking.

We arrived in our apartment in Bern and rested for a while before heading out again. I will write more about our AirBnB apartment in another entry.

Train rides are my favourite kinds of view.

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Sometimes I wish that the train could stop for a while so I that I can touch the leaves, sip the water from the river and breathe in the fresh air of nature.

We have arrived in Lauterbrunnen!!


Apparently this was a popular place for visitors. There were so many travelers and tourists who alighted at this stop together with us.


Lauterbrunnen lies at the bottom of a U-shaped valley that extends south and then south-westwards from the village. The main reason we are here is this!


Staubbach Falls !! I had difficulty spelling this name lol. 

It may looked pretty near but as we were walking towards it, it was further than we thought. There were shuttle buses going to the waterfalls but we were not sure if they were for tour groups.

We decided to walk instead, I mean, you will tend to discover more things when you walk and explore.


We have arrived at the foot of this valley, I guess the only way is up. I was excited to see the goats. Deprived city life, I know.


At first, I was sightly worried if I could climb all the way up. It looked pretty high so thank God for this.


I grabbed one walking stick and did not look back. I am already here, I might as well climb up.



10 minutes later, I could start to see the beautiful view.


Yes, we were panting all the way but I saw some older people who were speeding past us so all the more I was determined to finish this journey.


Something I learnt from past travels is that when the journey is long and tough, take little breaks and take photos too.


The higher we were, the more we could see, I could not give up even though my legs were tired.


Towards the end, the steps were rocky and it was pretty slippery. I had to be extra careful.


I guess I did not focus on the rocky steps, my eyes were always on the view. It was a necessary motivation. I hold onto this same principle each time I hike any hills and mountains.


Looking at the rocky steps, I new I was going to face more challenges going down later. I had difficulties fully bending my injured knee. I was just glad that I had my knees wrapped tightly.


I have arrived !!


That was it! That was the end of the trail and we could not walk any further because it was a dead end! I was disappointed and I was not the only one. Almost everyone who climbed up expected the tunnel to go on a little further. Can you see the waterfall on my right?


It was like being in the waterfall but I did wish we were nearer.

After taking all the necessary photos, we started to make our way down. Even though I knew my legs were going to ache so much after this, I did not regret climbing up to the end.


The view and the experience was worth it. Again, taking photos of our tired faces on the way down.


I love this photo of the bestie…….mesmerizing view. I felt like my eyes were being washed clean by this refreshing greenery view.


I knew we were near when I could see the goats again.


Reunited and breathless and desperately needed a drink. Lol.


Trying all the different angles to get that perfect waterfall shot. I am pretty sure people were amused looking at us.


The goats and their bells were like music to my ears. I wish they were nearer so I could pet their heads.

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I wished we had more time to explore this gorgeous village because look at this…..


That is the bestie taking photos. We could not stop taking photos because everything was simply beautiful.

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Goodbye Lauterbrunnen! Your tranquility, simplicity and peace captured my heart. Grateful for a good weather that allows me to see your raw, true beauty.