Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 9: Stalked by with birds in Montreux

Travelogue: 16 June 2015

Warning: There are a lot of photos of birds in this entry. I like the birds. A lot. 

We were home pretty early and were wondering what to eat for dinner. Actually half the time we think about what to eat for lunch and dinner lol. Unlike in Europe, eating in a restaurant here can be pretty pricey.

Bon brought us to the nearby supermarket and this happened.


We decided to cook dinner! I love how the berries are so fresh!

2 3

Tom yum soup specially cooked by Chef Bon. Assisted noisily by Nurul and me.


We rested for a while and decided to head out for a walk in the evening.

5 6

It was cloudy but the view was still as gorgeous. Actually Nurul and me just wanted to enjoy the view and of course feed the birds. Look how they are all resting.

8 9There were also pigeons around. It was like they knew we had food.


Feeling happy feeding pigeons. I shall pretend I am Snow White and can talk to birds.


Look at the crowd down there. Nurul and me decided to go down to the lake so that we can be closer to the ducks.

7 12

It was like a reunion with old friends!

14 15

These two swans were determined to grab the food from us before any other ducks. I felt like I had to discipline them lol.

16 17

The funny thing was, the other ducks were all backing away from them because they were obviously bigger and stronger. I kinda felt sorry for the ducks so I threw some bread crumbs to their directions.


They were like the gangsters lol. Look at them marching towards us and acting all arrogant.

20 21

When we ran out of food they started to swim away and left us alone lol.


The ducks were so adorable to me.

24 25 25a

This is something we don’t get to do when we are home so we were excited. This view… can anyone not fall in love with this view?

18 26

Of course while we were happily playing and feeding the birds, Bon was warning us not to get too close to the swans because they can be aggressive. Ok mummy.

We walked slightly further to chill and wait for sunset.

27 28

This is Bon. Even though she is the youngest (by a few months only!) among us, she is very good with planning for our trips. In fact, most of the destinations chosen were all her recommendations. She is also responsible for all our scenic train rides.

I have only known her for 2 years to be honest. Sometimes we get along fine.


Sometimes we don’t……


Anyway, I think she has the best potential among us for a beautiful back shot due to her long hair.


Whereas, Nurul is pretty photogenic so all her front shots looked great. She is good at reading maps and leading the way to prevent us from getting lost in foreign lands. (The two gangster swans actually followed us all the way here lol.)


As for me, I am good at capturing moments such as this.


I guess that’s why we make such a great team traveling together. I hope you have that group of people you love travelling with too.