Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 8: Dancing in the rain in Gstaad

Travelogue: 16 June 2015

Good morning from Montreux! Before heading out to the train station, we took the chance to walk by the beautiful lake. If only I am greeted with this view every morning, I am sure to go for morning walks every day!

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We grabbed a quick breakfast so that we can enjoy it in the train. By the way, this brand of cold coffee needs to come to Singapore soonest! There are so many different types and they all tasted sooooo good.


Usually I hate having my meals of the go (I think it is a sign of aging lol), but if you knew that you are going to be seeing this view while you have your breakfast, wouldn’t you opt for the same thing?

The scenic views from the train is one of the reasons why we chose to come back to Switzerland after two years.

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Such spectacular views are the reasons why you should choose Switzerland as one the places you MUST visit before you die. Lol.

We alighted in Saanen because someone is a hindi movie fan. This was how small the train station was. It reminded me to cowboys movies I used to watch when I was a kid. Don’t ask me why.

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The gushing of water in the river. Apparently, this was one of the filming locations for a really famous hindi movie.


Look at the view……..I too feel like dancing and singing with this kinda of view.

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Being from the city, I really appreciate nature and less crowded places such as this. I could even live dangerously and stand on the railway tracks.


It was a nice stop. Before we know it, we were back in the train making our way to Gstaad.


Gstaad is a village in the southwestern of Switzerland. It is known as a major ski resort and a popular destination among the high society. It is located 1050 metres above sea level.


The village was a popular destination for tourists all over the world. I can understand why. There are numerous shops, restaurants, art galleries, and hotels. I felt that I had to stop every few steps just to take a photo. Photo opportunists like me will love this place.

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A hotel designed like the traditional swiss house. Look how pretty this hotel is!


Designer labels including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada and Ralph Lauren all have stores in Gstaad.


I really how almost every corner has the potential to be part of a pretty photo.

23 24

I was ecstatic to meet a long lost friend. I had to join the party.


Taking a short break from all the walking and it started to rain.


As beautiful Gstaad was, there should have been more shelters around. We were standing by the shops to prevent ourselves from getting wet from the rain.


We would have explored more if it was not raining. Since there was nothing we could do about it, we headed for lunch while waiting for the rain to stop.

Oh well, we had a wonderful time exploring Gstaad. It was time to head back.


But, not before we get that perfect train mood shot from this fancy looking train lol.