Beyond beautiful Switzerland Chapter 7: Happy 150th birthday Zermatt!

Travelogue: 15 June 2015

This time we decided to spend some time exploring the village of Zermatt before heading back. We did not have the chance to do that 2 years ago because we were paranoid about being missing the train and being stranded lol. Furthermore, it was winter back then so the days were shorter.

As the days were longer in summer, we felt that we had more time.


This year, Zermatt is celebrating 150 years of Matterhorn and Zermatt is laying on a whole host of events, experiences, festivities as well as special offers. There is also exclusive memorabilia available to mark the occasion. This 2015 is a great year to visit Matterhorn.

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Before exploring the village, we went to grab lunch. Walking around and looking for a suitable place to eat, I realized how joyful it must be to be living here. I mean, the “Matterhorn glacier paradise” is Europe’s largest and highest altitude Summer skiing region and a popular training ground for ski teams in the summer.


For this reason, Zermatt has visitors from all over the world, at all times of the year. In winter, it is a great skiing place and in the other seasons, its great place to hike.

Zermatt is a car-free village. Most people will walk but if you have difficulties walking you can always hop onto the electric buses or the horse carriages.

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We chose to go on foot as we always believe that we tend to discover more things when we walk.

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There were so many places to chose from to dine in. No one is going to be starved to death here, that’s for sure.

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In fact, if you want to stay here for a few nights, you can too. There are plenty of choices.

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After lunch, we were all feeling bumped. I mean, who wouldn’t? We traveled from halfway across the world to see the and celebrate the Matterhorn, yet we were accompanied by the fog.

The fog do love us too much.

Zermatt is pretty and quaint, every building was photogenic and I had to resist asking someone to take a photo of me with the beautiful designs of the buildings all the time. I have a thing for the countryside ok.

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The clock tower in the village.


A really petite chapel, it was so charming.


Before, we know it, it was time to head back. We really do not want to be stranded here, we are a few hours away from our apartment lol. It was also starting to drizzle.


The train station.


Apparently, Zermatt station and Buncheon station in Korea are sisters.


The bestie and me found it funny. In December when we were in Korea, we were supposed to go to Buncheon train station to take our V/O train ride but we read wrong and we ended up in Bucheon train station. We were wondering where is the track to the mountains lol. Gosh.

Who knew that missing one letter in the name could end up with us being in a different place altogether?

Oh well, since we did not managed to ‘meet’ Buncheon, we are happy to me its sister, Zermatt.

Some photos taken by Nurul. (esp the backshots of Bon and me!)