Smiles of Syawal

I am finally back here after being on hiatus for so long. I know I usually blog everyday but since I came back from Europe, its been too hectic. I was busy sorting the photos from the trip during the few days before the school term starts because I know that I will be too busy when the term starts. I was right. It was crazy and I find myself back blogging all the time. I guess not being able to find to write makes me a little nutty. I realized that I could not think straight and my mind was constantly trying to figure out how to get everything done with the limited time that I had.

Ramadhan went by too fast and in a blink of an eye, Syawal was here. I really thought I did not fully maximize Ramadhan because I was too exhausted from the jet lag and work was quite a handful. There were also too much spring cleaning to do and since Mum was unwell, I had to be in charge of all the housework. At the end of the whole period, I was exhausted, and I just wanted to sleep and have some quiet time on my own.

Thankfully, I am constantly surrounded by happy distractions.

Even though I did not really feel like celebrating Syawal, I realized that the presence of Syawal was not only to celebrate our success in fasting for an entire month, it was also time to spend with the family, some whom I have not seen in ages.

So here, is my summary of ‘Smiles of Syawal’ for 2015.


This year is special because we have a new little addition to the family! Here is my cute niece!

Actually it is really hard to make her smile, but we did all sorts of things to try to make her laugh and smile.


I am just happy that she knows to look at the camera. Lol.


My little niece was not the only addition to the family. I also had a new cousin!


I thought Humairah was my youngest and last addition to my list of cousins but it turned out that I was wrong.


He is so tiny and he obviously likes me already. This meant that we are more than 30 years apart. Wow…….I really feel like dinosaur.

In the midst of celebrating the young ones, let’s not forget the cuzzies I grew up with.


And also the cuzzies who are growing up now….. all growing too tall and taller than me.


On the first day of Syawal, everyone was looking forward to meet my little niece.

8 9

I love how she stares blankly at the camera. Good and smart girl.

In a few years, she will be just like Humairah who is too used to being in front of the camera.


I remember we took so many photos of her from time she was a baby to infant and even till now. She is so used to it, she learned how to be animated. Lol.


My girl cousins who have learned that I take great photos and there is not need to be shy in front of the camera. It is so heartwarming to have photos like these taken without a care in the world about image. Lol.



But then, I am already in my thirties, I don’t really care what people think of me. Right cuzzie, who is in the same club as me? Lol.


I also appreciated having cuzzies with similar interests as me because for the longest time, I was the loner eldest cousin as everyone else was too young to play with. Our ‘interest’ makes me forget my actual age so I really like it. Hahaha.

15a 16

We usually stay home on the second day of Syawal because both le parents are among the eldest in the family.

15 14

This year, we did not prepare much food as Mum was still unwell so I hope everyone enjoyed the humble food we prepared.


We also wanted to finish all our visiting early so we tried as much as possible to visit those who were home.


I love capturing the candid moments because imagine what these two princesses of mine will say when they see this pic when they are all grown up….one day.


My motto is simple, take photos of happy moments because it will be a good way for you to relive your happy memories.

22 23

Of course Syawal visiting does not mean bonding with family members only, it is also a time to bond with their pet cats!

24 25

Since i am the crazy cat lady who is madly in love with cats, I had to resist kidnapping Zai’s cats home. LOL.


Overall, I am happy taking photos of others. I love it more when everyone listen to my instructions and give me dorky poses that I asked for. Trust me, you will smile wider when you look at the dorky photos.

27 29 30

Not forgetting spending some time with all my nieces. Ah, they seem taller and taller each time I see them.


Truly, Syawal is not about racing to everyone’s houses and dressing up in new clothes. It is about celebrating with those who matter.


Since my niece is the cutest human being to me right now, I transformed into the crazy aunt who takes too many photos of her niece.

32 33

I am gonna continue taking as many photos as possible, because the lesson I learnt from seeing all my younger cousins grow up is that, everyone grows up too quickly. I need to capture as many happy memories as possible now. There is no time to waste.


37 a

Because life is too short and precious to not take any photos.


Happiness will never come to those who never appreciate what they already have.

And this is part of my quest for happiness.