Waking up to reality


You will always have bad times, but they always wake you up to the stuffs you weren’t paying attention to. – Robin Williams. 

How true are these words from the wise one? When we were drunk with happiness, we often forget to notice the little happenings around us. Is someone going through a tough time? Is someone struggling with their life’s situations? Would that someone feel slightly better with your kind words and attention?

Maybe, that is why life is like a roller coaster. Full of ups and downs. We are given chances to feel how it is like being on top, and how it is like being at the bottom. When you are down, have faith that the wheel will turn and you will be at the top again. When you are at the top, do not forget or neglect those who are down. Nothing lasts forever. Remember that the next time you decide to act with arrogance.

I am not really having a difficult time now, just the usual stuffs of rushing work and scrambling to find time to do all that needs to be done. I felt like I lost myself these few weeks, trying to fulfill my duties at work and at home. I have not been having enough time to even sit and blog my usual everyday blog entry so it is making me a little bottled and frustrated. I go to bed in exhaustion daily and I most certainly do not want my life to continue this way.

But such is life, who says it was a bed of roses? I am hoping to get as much done as fast as possible so that I can come back here to write about Switzerland. All the stories in my head deserves to be written and all the gorgeous photos deserve to be shared! I cannot wait to write and I know some of you have been asking me when will I continue to write again here but please stay patient with me. Just wait a little longer because I cannot keep myself away from this little home in cyberspace.

This is reality that I woke up to but at the same time, I always make sure there is something to look forward to. Dreaming is wonderful but sometimes, reality is can be just as great.

Photo taken in Interlaken, Switzerland in June 2015.