Different kind of beautiful Chapter 15: The importance of good accommodations when you travel

Travelogue: 11th June 2015

I think I have been pretty blessed to have friends in the hotel industry. They are really great to travel with because they somehow always know where are the best places to stay.

I have read the stories of some backpackers and travelers who scrimped and saved on accommodations when they travel. Some even slept in the airport, in buses or in really cheap hostels. While I am all for living on the edge, I always prioritized safety. When we were in Rome 2 years ago, we stayed in this really cheap hostel. While we succeeded in saving that few dollars, we did not expect to feel unsafe. The hostel was located along this pretty dark alley. When we arrived, we were even informed by the owner to make sure lock all the doors before we go to sleep at night.

The bestie and me got a little paranoid, especially when I fell victim to pickpocketing on our very first day in Rome. One night when we were heading home, we saw a group of guys smoking and another group of guys hanging out in the area. We walked quickly to the building and hurriedly closed and locked everything when we came in. We were, after all, two girls in a foreign land. It always pays to be safe and slightly paranoid.

From then on, I really don’t mind paying a little more for accommodations. It is true that we are usually only there to sleep but travelling around Europe can be pretty tiring and you need to ensure that you are well rested so that you can fully enjoy your trip. Now, with airbnb , you can survey where are the best places to stay. There are reviews from previous occupants so its good to read and find out more first before booking an accommodation.

Locations are the most important feature! If you know you will be travelling by train, you may not want to book your accommodations too far from the train station.

I was pretty happy with all three accommodations while we were in Prague and Austria this time. Here is why.

1. Boscolo Prague


As soon as we arrived in Prague, we were told by Bon to get our sim cards at the airport but I was having a problem connecting to the internet with my phone. The hotel manager, Yasser actually assisted me twice! Yeah, I know, I did not pay attention to what he did to my phone the first time so I had to shamelessly act like a damsel in distress when I needed his help again. Lol.

He was also very patient with some of our nonsense and drunk questions so kudos to him! While waiting to check in, he was really friendly and ensured we were all comfortable. Actually we were exhausted after 12 hours flight and I was cranky but he instantly lighten my mood.


I love Boscolo’s checkered flooring and big framed windows.


It was a pity we were only there for one night!

2.  Hotel Goldener Hirsch, Salzburg

This hotel gorgeous because the original antiques, handmade furniture, and native rag rugs are opulent and discreet, and honor 600 years of hotel history.



AK, May and Bon’s room, which was ready first was situated in the higher floor.

6 5 4

I love the red themed room!


The antique specially designed furniture.

8 9

Our room was not red themed but it was just as comfortable and pretty.

10 11 12 13

So they had different colours for different rooms. Wow, I was curious on how the other rooms in the hotel looked like.

It was pretty everywhere and so we began to pretend we were doing a photoshoot. We also had fun with the lift that could only fit 2 people. Still, I am thankful for the existence of lift.

14 14a 19 20

They had two sinks for two of us! I love the toilet!

15 16

Ok, actually I am claustrophobic so I have issues with small toilets.


The best part was coming back to this!


They always leave us chocolates and bottles of water whenever they clean the room. This is why we look forward to coming back, because we get all these lovely surprises.

Yes I also loved how I did not have to clean the room, as oppose to my room at home. #lazy


Watching tv while eating food in bed. I had a really well rested night in this trip. For me its great, for my travel mates, its a relief I did not turn into a cranky monster who lacks sleep!