Different kind of beautiful Chapter 7: Flower Power at Volksgarten, Vienna

Travelogue: 8th June 2015

We were done exploring Schonbrunn Palace pretty early, so we went off to our next destination. That is the best thing about travelling in summer. The days are longer and it feels like we have more time to travel to different places.

Our next stop, this is no ordinary garden.


The Volksgarten (English: People’s Garden) is a public park in the district of Vienna, Austria. The garden, which is part of the Hofburg Palace, was opened to the public in 1823.

Actually I have not much experience visiting gardens. We don’t visit gardens often in Singapore because the weather is usually too hot for anyone to stay outside for long periods of time. You will never find anyone lying down on the grass, or reading silently under a tree in any garden in Singapore. The only ‘cold’ garden is Singapore is the man made Gardens By The Bay and you have to pay to get in. Other than that, typically, Singaporeans rarely hang out in the limited number of gardens that we have.

I am a nature lover and to not be able to do this saddens me a little so can you imagine my excitement when we entered the Volksgarten and were greeted by this beautiful fountain.


Coincidentally, I spotted 3 fat pigeons who looked like they were queuing up to go to the water in the pond.


After one was done, it flew away, leaving the other two fat pigeons to have their time to have a sip of the water. How civilized! Lol.


It was too adorable!

As I took a few steps forward I was greeted by this lovely sight of a cluster of ducks sleeping and snuggling together.


I wanted to get a close up picture but I was careful not to wake any of them up. This one, was about 2 metres away by itself, probably a loner duck. Lol.


Nah, kidding. It looks like it is from a different breed so perhaps they only snuggle with their own family. I could not stop staring at the adorable ducks. I almost touched them. I wanted to carry it and hug it. I almost did that.

Looks like Bon and the bestie were way ahead of me while I was obsessing over the ducks. This sight of colourful flowers everywhere was simply love!

7 8 10

Even though it was sunny, there were so many visitors in the garden, all busy admiring the beautiful flowers and taking photos. I was torn between wanting to sit and chill on these benches and taking photo of every flower in the garden.


I especially love the red flowers. It brightens up the entire garden!

12 11 14 13

However, the pinks ones were equally gorgeous.


It was picturesque everywhere. The bestie and me were excited because this is something we don’t get to do in our own country lol.


In fact, we could not get enough of the place that we decided to go back to the garden the following day. This time, I am in matching colours with these flowers.


I love how there are petals on the ground. It was the perfect spot to snap a photo.


I forced Bon to take this photo with me under this arc of flowers. Don’t we look like we are in a wedding? Lol.


Please be seated among the flowers and watch the ceremony.


Let us welcome the guest of honour. I am thankful that this special guest can make it despite hectic schedule.

22 24

It was truly one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever visited. I love the fresh and sweet aroma that filled the air in the garden. It made the walk inside it so much more pleasant.


We are not really the girly type of girls but the sight of so many beautiful flowers around us, instantly turned us into one.

25 26

We did another thing that we don’t get to do in Singapore. We sat on the grass! It was dry and clean and there were no ants! Wow!

29 28

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It simply blooms. 


So, let me share with your one secret of girls. They ALL like flowers. If they tell you they don’t, they are lying and trying to save you some money. Lol.