Different kind of beautiful Chapter 2: Reunited in Prague!

Travelogue: 6th June 2015

After 10 hours on the plane, we finally arrived in Zurich Airport. My low. er back was in pain, I am really not a big fan of long flights. We had about an hour to wait for our next flight out to Prague.

I am just thankful for the free wifi available in Zurich Airport so we could update the family and friends who may be worried.

After about 2 hours, we finally arrived in Prague. The airport was small and since our flight was slightly delayed, we decided to wait for May to go to the hotel together.

Finally here at Boscolo Hotel!!


It was unexpectedly hot in Prague. Looking at the views outside from the cab, we could not wait to explore this city further. Unfortunately we are only here for one night so we had to make good use of our limited time here.

Reunited with Bon and AK who arrived a day earlier from Bangkok!!

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We were tired after the long flight but we since our room was not ready yet, we rested for a while in Bon’s room and then head out for lunch.


Bon and AK recommended Cafe Imperial to us so we made our way there. It was walking distance.


The cafe looks posh and for a moment I was worried if it might be too expensive to dine in here. However, since it was our first meal together, I thought, why not splurge? Lol.


Everyone looking pretty happy after they have ordered their food.


As for me, I needed some caffeine fix but since the weather is warm, I decided to order cold coffee and this came. Slurp.


Not only the cafe looks posh, they had excellent service too. Looking around at all the waiters, I was wondering if being good looking is one of the criteria required to work here.

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And this is mine. It is salmon. Yay.


What is a holiday meal without dessert?

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Coffee cake and rainbow cheesecake. I can’t remember the exact name of these cakes but Bon and me chose these two babies from the counter.

Despite the noises we make and the excessive laughter we produced, the waiters were really nice. In fact, they were all so nice that they invited us to come again the following day.


To my surprise, the bill was not costly at all. For such great service and delicious food, it was really cheap.

You definitely have to drop by this cafe when you are in Prague!

Cafe Imperial (Prague): Na Poříčí 15 , 110 00 Praha 1