Different Kind of Beautiful Chapter 1: Leaving Singapore

Travelogue: 5th June 2015

The day is finally here. This highly anticipated trip, planned almost a year ago, is here. Our flight was scheduled to be at night. I spent almost the entire day cleaning and finishing up my packing.

Always thankful to my parents for sending me to airport each time I am going overseas.


The bestie’s family too, never fails to send her off from the airport for every trip. Except, its the ENTIRE family. Lol.


My mum have grown so fond of the kids and the bestie’s sisters in law that she wanted a photo with them. Lol.


Saying goodbye, even for a short period of time is never easy. The bestie and family always take so long to say their goodbyes so I sit and wait.


We are actually pretty exhausted from work these few days, weeks and months. We just want to zonk out sleep on the plane. Thank you everyone for sending us!! Please pray for our safety and well being on this trip!


Here we go off for another adventure! Before that, 10 hours flight!!! Yikes.