Back home after 17 days of living out of suitcase!

Hi lovely readers,

I am finally home after being away for 17 days. Initially I wanted write in here every day during the trip but I was usually too exhausted to do so. I safely arrived back home in Singapore yesterday, after which, I was fasting so I guess that was why I was completely knocked out. I am still trying to adjust back to this heat and being hit by the flu bug is not helping me.

I just completed transferring all the photos from my camera and bestie’s camera onto my laptop and we have a total of 4643 photos! Yikes! I think I will be spamming you with photos from the trip all the way till end of this year. Lol.

Hmmm where do I start?! This is by far, the most enjoyable trip I have ever been to. Was it perfect? Nope. However, the places, the people and the experiences were beyond my expectations. Sure, we do encounter bad weathers (with all the 3 mountains! Argh!) and weird strangers on trains, but the overall experience was pleasant. There are so many stories to tell, and I wish I can tell you all about it right now!

Exploring the beautiful city in Hallstatt.


However, I need some time to sort and organize the photos before writing back here again. I am in a hurry because I start work again this Friday and I just know I will dive back into my hectic working lifestyle once that happens. I will try my very best to update whenever I can ok so please be patient and look forward to the entries.

Even though this was my second time in Switzerland, the places we visited still blew me away. On days when we were blessed with great weather and we can clearly see the legendary landscapes of Switzerland, I think I took 100 photos because everything was so breathtaking beautiful.

At Harden Kulm, the peak of Interlaken.


It was like a painting behind me! I don’t think I can ever get tired of seeing the view.

Of course, like any other trip, I always feel that while taking photos will help me keep the memories intact and to share with you my experiences, the photos and videos I have captured can never replace the experience of seeing everything right before my eyes. No matter how good a camera is, it can never capture the true beauty of the place, which is why I felt that even though my photos are great, it was not able to capture true beauty and essence of the places I visited.

And this alone, should be a reason for you to invest in travelling.

I came across this article here.  Please take some time to read it. I get asked so many times on how I can afford to travel a few times a year. I have three main reasons.

1. I have a job and I work my butts off.

2. I do not spend my money on un-necessary items or extravagant items.

3. I save and plan for trips way in advance.

Yeah, so stop thinking I am rich because I was never born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have been working (part time) since I was 16 years old and I think I deserve to enjoy life a little now that I am beyond 30.

I was shocked to see a spike in number of subscribers when I was away. I hope you won’t mind me spamming entries of my trip in the next few days. Till then, have a good week and always think good of others!