Finding the missing lake @ Rotenboden 

I had an absolutely exciting day to share with you but me typing on the mini iPad is much slower than me typing on the keyboard so I am just going to save the juicy stories for later entries. Please be patient with me. It is only the 10th day on this trip and I am overwhelmed with so many wonderful feelings about this entire trip. I am itching to write and share so many stories but I am often knocked out by the time we reached our room by evening. #old

Today the four of us made our way out to Zermatt, about 2 hours away from where we are staying at in Montreux. The last time we were there was in December 2013 and it was winter.  I still remember how we were all so awed by the beautiful sceneries that greeted us in the entire journey. The landscape of Switzerland was so amazing that we found ourselves switching from side to side in the train, just so that we can get the best photos and videos to bring back home as memories.

I also remembered clearly how out of place we felt back then, when everyone who boarded the train up to Gornegat were all in full gears for skiing and  we were not. We had no intentions to ski of course, we simply wanted to check out the views and sceneries. We alighted at the the train stop Rotenboden and asked the staff there how we can make our way to the lake. The staff looked puzzled and pointed down to the hill and said that the lake was right there but it was frozen. He also said that we were not in the right  attire to even walk to the lake because the entire place was covered in snow and it would be slippery and dangerous to even attempt to walk to the frozen lake.

We went back disappointed.

None of us expected to be back here so soon, this time during summer.

Even though it was summer, the temperature up there was still cold. When we arrived, the entired places was foggy.

Due to this reason, we were sadly not able to view the Matterhorn. However, this time, since there were no snow on the ground, we could make out way down to the lake and so…..

Ta daaaa!!!!!

We were so ecstatic to finally be able to see this lake right before our very own eyes!  There were actually two lakes and I will write about it more next time.

It may look near but actually it is quite a hike from the train stop. I was glad the trail down was not too steep or slippery because I am still nursing a swell in my knee and going down stairs and slopes can be painful. However, I don’t know if I will ever be able to come back here next time so I took out my knee guard and wrapped it tightly around my injured knee.

Yup, I am determined and stubborn liked that.

It was so worth it. There were quite a number of people hiking as well because the view was simply spectacular. I will share with you more photos next time. I only took like a thousand photos lol.

Hiking is actually the best way to see and experience Mother Nature. Here in Switzerland, they have the most beautiful landscapes. If you love to hike, you have to come and hike here!

At the end of the day, I was exhausted but I felt accomplished. Even though we could not view the Matterhorn, we managed to find the 2 gorgeous lakes.

I am enjoying every single day here. I will share more soon. In the meantime, if you have Instagram, you may follow me for more prompt updates. My account is ‘drizzling_happiness’ . Please mention to me that you are from WordPress because I do block accounts that look suspicious.

Thanks and have a great start to the week.