Noticing the little things @ Montreux

I am typing to you from my mini iPad in Montreux, Switzerland. Today marks the 8th day away from home. Prague, Vienna and Salzburg was amazing and beyond my expectations , I can’t wait to write more about those cities as soon as I am home.

We arrived in Montreux from Salzburg after about 7 hours of being in the train. Was it exhausting? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.

This is mainly because the views from Salzburg to Switzerland was so raw and beautiful. We were treated to unlimited views of greenery, surprise rivers and proud mountains along the way. I was tired and unintentionally dozed off along the way but was occasionally awaken by the excited voices of my travel mates each time a river or a herd of cows comes to sight. Call us the deprived city adults but some excitement are just not meant to be hidden.

We finally arrived in Montreux around 7 pm. The thing about traveling during summer is that the day is more than 12 hours long and there is so much you can do and explore. In our last trip here, it was winter and it felt like we had to do things in a rush. When it was dark by 5.30 pm, there was nothing much we can do.

Today, my travel mates are heading to Milan. When Bon asked if I would prefer to tag along or stay in Montreux, I opted for the latter. I visited Milan in 2013 but being the only non soccer enthusiast, my only form of entertain from Milan was watching my two travel mates got all excited in the Sans Siro Stadium. I am pretty sure I would potray the exact same behaviour if I was a fan of the AC Milan soccer team. Since I am not, I decided to give it a pass this time.

So,  was going to spend half the day alone. I had one of my travel mates, May, for company in the morning for breakfast and visit to a nearby castle (I will write more about this soon too.) After I sent her to the train station, I took a leisurely walk back to the apartment to rest. I was going to go out for a walk when the weather was slightly cooler.

So I spent my precious evening feeding the ducks by the lake and trying to catch the sunset. I was in no rush, time a luxury, for today. I had the freedom to do anything I wanted. And so, I sat there watching. Watched the people strolled, watch the ducks swim leisurely and watch the wind pushed all the clouds away. It was a rare opportunity. I had nothing to do, yet i was enjoying myself watching life.

It was then that I saw this.

These two ducks were busy cleaning themselves. I don’t know why it was so interesting to watch the ducks but I was glad I did. Imagine if I was too busy admiring the beautiful mountain right before my eyes, I would have missed this lovely sight. I was glad I noticed it.

I hope you will not forget to notice the little blessings in your life even when you have been blessed with an abundance of luxury. Looking forward to share more gorgeous photos of Switzerland soon.