Hello from Vienna!!

This is actually my first time blogging from my phone so I shall make it short. Left home 4 days ago to travel to eastern Europe and here I am at my second stop, Vienna. Our first stop in Prague was wonderful, beyond our expectations and here I am in my second day in Vienna, still full of awe for this beautiful place.


I have taken 655 photos from only 4 days of travel so I guess I will be spamming you blog entries till end of the year!

I still have 12 days to go in this trip so please pray for our smooth and safe journey. ‘Our’ is because I am not alone, I am blessed with 4 friends travelling with me.

In the meantime, if you are keen, you may follow me on instagram where my updates are quicker. My username is ‘drizzling_happiness’. Please let me know if you are from wordpress!

I shall be back here when I have more stable wifi!