Deserving Brunch @ Swensen’s

It is my habit to meet up with all my close friends before I leave for a long trip overseas. However, this time, since fasting month was going to be early, I had to leave early too. I would have prefered to have a few free days for me to clean up my room and finish up all the work that I have to do. This means, that as soon as we come back, it would have been the month of Ramadhan.

Therefore, I suggested we meet for brunch on a public holiday. It is times like this that we truly appreciate the so many public holidays we have here. Instead of the usual lunch, we decided to meet over brunch.

Apparently, Swensen has a new menu for breakfast so we decided to give it a try.

My company for today is Fidah! Actually the bestie was supposed to join us too but she decided to go to the farm with her nieces and nephews instead. It is ok, we shall go ahead.


We were actually too lazy to choose a more exciting place to try out. Our chosen place was convenient and we had to run all the auntie errands after this so that why Tampines was the best choice. #old

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!



I love my french toast! The sausage tasted a little weird though.

It has been so long since I last saw Fidah. No doubt we have busy schedules and big responsibilities but I felt sometimes we deserve some ‘chill out’ time to simply recharge and rejuvenate.


I mean, we already worked so hard on weekdays so we truly deserve to take some time off to enjoy a little. This is one of my coping strategies. When work and life challenges gets too overwhelming, I go for a break. It can a be good meal with a friend, some alone time shopping, a comforting food reflexology or watching the latest movie out. I like to shop alone because I take such a long time to choose my items but for meals and movies, I prefer to have a friend with me.

It also helps to do crazy things once a in while simply for a good laugh!


Never ever feel guilty for enjoying life a little. In the long run, we will be happier creatures. We deserve this.


Apart on catching up on life in general, I was also telling Fidah about this canon camera and how much fun it is to take photos using it. So that explains the so many photos of us. Lol.

I am pretty sure we were laughing like overaged teenagers there in Swensen’s. Oh well, who cares about image when you can be happy?

Let’s look forward to more comforting times like this! Thank you Fidah for being a wonderful company and also for accompanying me to do some last minute shopping for my trip!