Sunday’s blessings

I decided to skip workout this morning since Karen was away and I needed to rest my knee after the 2 hours of zumba yesterday. I really treasure my free time on Sundays to simply do what I like and do some cleaning around the house.

I spent the morning just lazing around in bed. This is a rare opportunity for me. Frankly, the only reason why I got out of bed was because I was hungry or I needed to pee.

At about 1.30 pm, the parents and me left home to look for food for lunch. I was starving and was ecstatic when I saw food coming my way.


Please tell me I am not the only one who is excited to see food! Roasted chicken noodle!


I have been craving for rojak for weeks! I wished they had more char kway though.


Picked up the brother and sis in law and my cute niece who forever looked like she was in shocked. Lol.


While they were looking around for suitable sofas, I went to buy ice cream to share because it was a really a hot day!


Spending some time with my niece before I fly off in a week’s time.


Her legs are so strong, she could pull herself up with her hands.


It was a short time but I felt it was necessary to see her weekly. I wished I can see her daily but our schedules just don’t allow me to do that.

Ended the day with cooling and sweet mango.


How to not love Sundays and the more important question is, how not to dread Monday?!