Celebratory Lunch and Life @ Fix Cafe

After work today, the ‘orang kampungs’ and me decided to head to Fix Grill. We usually have lunch together at the end of the term but this time, it was also in conjunction with a farewell lunch to Zahidah and Mizi. Unfortunately, Mizi could not make it and some of the us were unwell. In the end only 5 of us were able to make it.


When we arrived, we realized that Fix Grill was closed. After inquiry, it turned out that Fix Grill was only opened from 12 pm – 2 pm and from 5 pm onwards for lunch and dinner. I did not know that.

So we settled in Fix. I was a bit worried it will be too warm since the weather has been scorching hot for the past few days.

4 5

Fortunately we got ourselves a seat by the pool so I guess it is slightly cooler.


I am happy to have everyone here! We may be colleagues but sometimes we rarely or never see each other at all due to all our hectic schedules.


Zahidah who looked refreshed and recharged compared to the rest of us. Lol.


Let’s get excited over the food!


This is my third time here and I am still impressed by the quality of the food here. They never disappoint me. There I was, recommending to the rest of the gang which food on the menu was worth ordering but I realized it was difficult to recommend because all the food on the menu were all tasty.

10 11 12 14

I loved the naan sandwiches but I decided to order something different today. Here is waffle with maple syrup and chicken.


We ended up ordering a bit of everything and suddenly the table was full of food. #greedy


It was after 3 pm and we were starving. Let’s dig in! I can’t believed we requested for all our orders to be served at once. Lol.


So how often to we get to eat together around a table like this during working hours? Never.

17 18

We wished more could have joined us!! Let’s not forget dessert. Here is waffle and ice cream for this crazy hot weather!


It was so hot that the ice cream melted as soon as it was served to us.

Apart from celebrating our survival for the term, there was one more celebration. It was someone’s birthday.


No cake for him because we were all so full after stuffing our faces with the food. This is their Butterscotch Arabica Choux. I love the sweet tasting caramel inside it.

All the dessert displayed behind the glass near the counter were so delicious looking but we did not have much room in our tummies to try it all.


Happy birthday to Haikal!! Stay cheerful and a bit blur so we can always laugh at you hahaha.


Keep people in your life that truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, motivate you, enhance you and make you happy. 


Thank you everyone for a much needed happy lunch. A few more days to holidays!


Let’s rest, rejuvenate and recharge ourselves!

Fix is located inside HomeTeamNS-JOM, overlooking the swimming pool. You can find it at 31 Ah Hood Road #01-06 HomeTeamNS-JOM.