Good friends and good food @ The Lab Cafe

Before I started my fitness journey, I usually spend my Sunday mornings in bed. Sunday was like a day to pay back all the sleep debt that I had during the week. Oddly, I always end up feeling more tired and sleepy even with additional hours slept.

I still spend some time sleeping in on Sundays but not too long. By 9 am I am usually up to get ready for workout class. Sometimes I feel lazy and would want to pull the blanket over and continue sleeping, but fortunately most of the time, I am able to win the battle against the lazy me.

Part of the reason was because I enjoy the workout. This is very important, find a workout regime that you enjoy, you will most likely stick to it. Yes yes I do workout even though all you can see from this blog is me eating.

LO and jazz dance class with this lady.


Ever since the closure of the outlet at City Square Mall, my workout was shifted to an earlier time on Sundays. After being exposed to zumba, I find doing lo (aerobics) class so boring. All, except for Karen’s class. Her LO is truly enjoyable and that is why I keep coming back.

Dance dance dance till happy Sunday. Quick photo with her in the locker room after class and thankfully no one was ‘inappropriately dressed’ in it. Lol.


I rushed to Bugis after class because I had a date with my greedy buddy!

We decided to visit ‘The Lab’ cafe since our first time experience was lovely.


Finally managed to meet up before we fly off to different destinations. I was only supposed to meet my greedy buddy but our cute and ‘chilli padi’ mutual friend was free so she joined us. This is her trying to inject into her brain with the syringe from her drink. Lol.


I miss my greedy buddy! I still don’t know how she stay sooo slim all these years despite having a big appetite like me.


She had a knife stabbed into her burger and it was so cool. I ordered a different type of sandwich.


The sweet potato on the side was crispy and yummy. It is common to have fries or wedges as a side but this cafe has chosen to be different.


I had a wonderful time eating and catching up with these two!

This is why I keep my weekends free. My weekday schedules are too packed, it is difficult to meet up with friends. At this age I realized that life is not all about chasing money, it is about creating precious moments. My theory has always been the same, if you don’t bother to spare time for the friends you want to keep in your life, you will eventually lose them. Don’t tell me you have no time…everyone has 24 hours in a day.

Dessert for the sweet tooth people! (Greedy buddy and me!). This is chocolate cake and it was so rich in taste!

8 9

Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends. 


Thank you dearies for the lovely time!! They really take care of me with so much love. Till our next makan date! Muacks!!

You can read more about The Lab cafe in the archives ‘Singapore Foodie’ as I have written about it on my first visit.

The Lab SG
1 Jalan Pisang #01-01, Singapore 199069 (10mins walk from Bugis MRT)