Making everyday things special

You know how small your country is when there is almost no place in Singapore that we have yet to explore. This is one of the reasons why Singaporeans enjoy travelling. The number of places to explore and things to do here is limited.

Therefore, rather than complaining or whining that my country is too small, I figured we needed to make the everyday experiences special. Currently, there seemed to be a trend called ‘cafe hopping’. I think this is wonderful too, I do it occasionally too but only because I want to try out the different kinds of food out there. Lol.

Anyway, today is Saturday and that means that we have family breakfast together. Due to my early working hours, I never get the chance to eat breakfast with the family on weekdays.

Baba looking happy with his thosei.


We usually have our breakfast at As- Salam restaurant mainly because it is near our home and it is not too crowded. However, for breakfast, the choices are limited but so far we have not gotten sick of prata or thosei so I guess our visits there shall continue.

Paper thosei was my choice for today. It was funny when the staff serving it to me asked me to hold it quickly before it gets blown away by the fan. Lol.


I usually choose to order prata because this restaurant has quite tasty fish curry to go with it but I decided to try something different today.


I do loveee the teh tarik. If you ever drop by Singapore, you must taste the Indian style teh tarik! It is tea with milk.

After breakfast and facial, we headed to Pasir Ris to pick up this cutie.


My youngest cuzzie. It feels like I have not seen her for ages! Selfie-ing in the car and look how animated she is. I take credit for this because I have been training her to pose for photos since she was a baby. Lol.

Light lunch for her because she mentioned she likes pizza!



Her happy face makes me happy too.

6 7

My camera loves her…….she looks good in so many photos. My parents adore her too.

9 8 11

Someone  is happy with her pizza!


A weekend meal is not complete without dessert. I wanted to order the hershey pie cookie with ice cream but they ran out of it. To substitute it, I ordered the molten lava cake.


It was pretty good, but honestly, I have tasted better molten lava cake at other places. Oh well, this cutie here seemed to enjoy the ice cream and the cake.


Time to visit my little niece! I am so glad my little cuzzie and niece stay pretty near to each other.

She looked shocked when we turned up, but then, she always looked shock. Lol.

16 14

Humairah is technically Munawwarah’s auntie. She is the youngest cousin after all.


Since Humairah is the youngest (before Munawwarah came along), she had zero experience with babies younger than her.

18 19

Looking at these, I have a feeling that she will get the hang of it in no time. These two are too adorable together!


After playing and feeling intrigued by Humairah, my cute niece turned to reading.


Clever girl! Hopefully you will grow up to be a bookworm like me.


This is my favourite photo from today.

This is what I mean. I capture photos from everyday and write about it as if it is special. My everyday experiences differs, even when I am at work because I am always looking for good things to capture.

Even when you forget, the photos don’t change. It is as if, that moment was frozen in time. This is partly why I love taking photos.

It is easy to fall into mundanity from everyday stuffs but if you open your eyes, heart and mind a little, you will see that there are hidden blessings everywhere.

I hope you will not be too busy to notice that. Make everyday special because every single day is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

Al-Salam Restaurant: Changi Rd, Singapore, 419882