Authentic Vietnamese Coffee where have you been all my life?

The colleagues and me decided to go recce today so as usual, we would dine out. We rarely have the chance to dine out so when presented with such opportunity, we take it without much hesitation. I was supposed to look for halal restaurants either at Vivocity or Harbour Front centre but there were limited choices. I was upset because Vivocity is such a huge shopping mall, yet there were only 2 halal restaurants.

After much browsing, we thought it would be nice to have some Vietnamese food and so we headed to Harbour Front Centre. The great thing about dining here is that we are greeted by this calming view from the carpark.


Our chosen appetizer. It looks like popiah with different kinds of wrap. I am sorry I did not get the real names of the dishes.


I decided to order these! I forgot what they are called but they are chicken noodles with all these vegetables and peanut sauce. They had the beef version but I cannot live without chicken.


It tasted fresh, tasty and healthy. It does not seem too difficulty to prepare but perhaps the peanut sauce has a secret ingredient because it has the winning taste for me.

After lunch, we decided to take some time to chill and drink the much raved authentic Vietnamese coffee. The colleagues and me were amazed by this when it was presented to us. #suaku


The coffee was still dripping so it is fresh!


This is one coffee that won me over with just one sip. The authentic taste was unique, I have never tasted such delicious coffee locally. The best coffee I have ever tasted was in Venice and since then, no other coffee even comes close……..until this one came along.

Upon tasting this, I immediately texted my Vietnamese friend Bon and scolded her for not introducing me to this. She is a coffee addict like me and yet she did not do me this favour. Whyyyyyy?!

While at work, let’s take some time to enjoy the view. I love trees. I really do.

9 10

I still recall my obsession with taking photos of the trees while in Europe during winter. It is just something that I don’t see everyday here.

Looking forward to explore more trees and search for the best tasting coffee in our next trip. Bon and me are determined to find the best coffee in eastern Europe. Wish us good luck! Lol. 3 more weeks!

The Orange Lantern: HarbourFront Centre (01-98)