Time for an adventure


If only everything in life comes with instructions. What to do, where to go, what to feel, life does not comes with an instruction manual. We are forced to think and our uncontrollable hearts tend to run wild. Yet this, to be able to hold the pen and write your own life story, is both blessing and a curse.

If writing the same old story bores you, perhaps it is time for an adventure.

The recce yesterday was fun and exhausting. I am glad my colleagues are such fun people to be around with. I love my job a lot but I am exhausted and I cannot wait for my next trip out in 3 weeks time. My travel mates and me talk about this anticipated trip everyday. Sometimes we just got to get ourselves out of our comfort zones, empty our cups and explore the rest of the world. Travel changes you, it changed me, made me a little wiser, a little humbler and a little smarter.

Before that, let me press on and get all these settled! Please pardon me for all the emo posts.

I need a new adventure very soon.

Photo taken at Megazip Adventures @ Sentosa, Singapore